Wake up and smell the flowers.

Guess what ladies? Spring (and warm weather) has finally arrived! For the first time in months we can shed those thick sweaters and show off our legs— but where to start? Here are some great, easy ways to get into the swing of spring!

1. Paint your nails! Bright colors like lagoon blue and tropical green are in right now, but can be a shock if you’ve been wearing neutral colors all winter. But you can ease yourself into the season by putting those bright colors on your nails. Plus, you can slip on your favorite pair of sandals and instantly show them off!
2. Wear a sundress— it’s a fresh, easy option, and looks great with a light cardigan if it’s still a little chilly.
3. Buy a bright-colored throw pillow (or several!) and put it on your couch or bed to instantly freshen up the room.
4. Grab a friend or two and go for a hike!
5. Make a smoothie with plenty of fruit and your favorite yogurt.
6. Visit a garden! If your city doesn’t have a botanical garden, many historical homes have gardens open to the public.
7. Make a yummy salad with loads of fresh veggies and raspberry vinaigrette and eat it outdoors.
8. Spring fashion is all about showing off your feminine side, so try incorporating floral prints, light colors, and soft fabrics into your wardrobe.
9. Fill a vase with fresh flowers like daffodils or peonies and put it on your kitchen table or desk!
10. Try your favorite Starbucks drink iced— not only is it a nice change from all those hot drinks, but if you live in one of the states currently offering it, you can give the new trenta size a spin!