Brighten up your life!

We all know what it’s like to live in a small space– cramped college dorms, sorority houses and affordable apartments take up most of our late teens and early twenties. There may not be much room to move around, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on decorating!

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When dealing with small spaces, you will want to add bold and bright pieces to open up the space. Also, most college dorms and sorority rooms have only one window, so lighting is in short supply. The more light there is, the larger your room will feel. I also always try to get furniture pieces that can serve several purposes in case I need to move things around for a new roommate’s things– such as using the teal bookshelf for an entryway table or the yellow nightstand as a living room side table.
Above are some affordable, vividly colored pieces to add flavor to your small living space. Be sure to pick colors that make you happy and pieces that would work on different levels, say you change roommates or move to a new space the next year.
2. Mod Dot Rug – 3×5 for $129, 5×8 for $299, 8×10 for $599
3. Quittin’ Time Clock – $79.99
5. Parlour Tangerine Chair – $699 (get your parents to help you out with this one!)
6. Rice Paper Lantern – $29.99 (I have had this lamp for 5 years and love it!)
7. GiGi Nightstand – $149
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