Who wouldn’t want to live in there?!

Oh, the joy of living in the college dorms. When you have to squeeze into a white, closet-sized room not only by yourself, but with another person as well, you have to add your own touch of personal style and flair as much as you possibly can. And we have the perfect solution to all of your interior decorating needs to do just that – Dormify!

Love Twenty reader and Social Media Coordinator at Dormify,
Liz Billman, loves this bedding (especially the pillow)!

Dormify is an online boutique that designs and sells its own bedding line – and guess what – they just came out with a new line of bedding for savvy students who crave a luxurious, sophisticated, and cool dorm room!

The second we checked out their online store, we fell in love with the bright colors, fun designs, and actually wished we lived back on campus for a second there.

As Dormify told us, “Nowadays, a dorm bed isn’t just a bed. It’s a movie-watching, dinner-eating, math-studying, nail-painting, phone-gossiping, beauty-sleeping sanctuary. So all things considered, it is pretty important to have chic and fashionable bedding.”

Usually, nothing cute comes in right sizes for college living. In the world of Twin XL beds, there aren’t many options. Dormify actually makes it fun with their smart mix-and-match philosophy, enabling fashionistas to create their own custom look rather than being only limited to the boring bed-in-a-bag products.

So, what does Dormify have to offer, you ask? (It all ranges from $19-$99! Uhh, fabulous.)

  • Sheet sets
  • Duvet sets
  • Pillowcases
  • Quilts
  • Window panels
  • Shower curtains

They also carry some other exciting products like wall decals, desk accessories, notebooks, frames, and even flameless candles you’re actually allowed to use in the dorms. It just keeps getting better and better!

So here’s the question we have for you ladies – how would you like a chance to win a little bit of all of that? Dormify wants to Style your Space. Enter to win a $1,500 dorm room makeover on their Facebook page!

Are you going to be checking out www.Dormify.com anytime soon? We know we will be!