Dance the night away!

In part one, I signed onto Facebook, Tweeted my male Twitter Followers, texted my beloved guys friends, and even broadcasted over BBM, asking one simple question – “How can a party girl find a decent boyfriend?” Now two weeks later and after trying out all the well-needed advice, I can recall my tales of night club victory and pain.

So on Friday night with the goal of not getting sloppy and just having a good time, I went out to a local bar alone. I wore a nice and new black cocktail length dress, black patent leather heels, and a leopard print clutch one of my girlfriends got me for my birthday. I spritzed myself with some perfume and headed out the door.

At the bar, I scanned the room when I entered and because I was there on a mission for all of the wonderful Love Twenty readers. I can honestly say you can smell the guys you don’t want to be around from 50 feet away. I mingled with my girl friends for a bit but then I decided it was best to follow the advice on my own.

I ditched my girlies for awhile and found a really busy seat at the bar. I sat there for a few moments before I caught the eye of an interesting guy. He was confident, cool, and collected, however I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

The next guy didn’t make eye contact, but bought me a drink and then stepped back. Again, a no.

Finally, a guy came up to me and introduced himself. From what I could hear over the loud music, his name was Eric, he was 23 (maybe 24), and was just about to graduate. Finally! We talked for a bit and while our conversation was good and flowed nicely, it was clear to me that he was trying to arrange an after-hours rendezvous. He asked very few questions about me, but apparently he was the most interesting thing in the room. He offered to buy me a drink every few moments and he asked if he could text me later. Ick.

So a bit frustrated and ready to give up on my goal, I finally did something I don’t usually do. I scanned the room for a test subject potential date. After looking around the room and seeing nothing but drunken college guy after drunken college guy, I got an idea. I’d go to the patio so I could see more clearly.

On the patio, everyone seemed to be much more sober (or maybe that was just the lighting), however, this gave me a chance to see everyone while they were talking and it was actually to my advantage. The patio gave me the opportunity to include myself in the conversation of different groups.

So, while out on the patio, I happened to meet a guy. I had bumped into him while on my way to say “hi” to a few friends. He had apologized and I figured that was that. Later on though as him and his friends were finishing up, he asked if he could get my number. I made a joke about him not remembering and he gave me a weird look and said, “Dude, I’m sober.” Yes, a sober man called me dude, but I’d forgive him.

After I gave him my number, he stayed around to talk. It turns out he’s a very interesting fellow. He actually doesn’t really go to the bar and was there for a buddy’s birthday. Check! He’s single. Check! He asked questions about me, my life, what I wanted, and if I was single. BIGGER CHECK! And then he said he’d like to call and ask to take me out to dinner later in the week. CHECK AND MATE.

And while my heart currently stands in the hands of another man, it’s safe to say that there are good guys in the bar. It takes a lot of effort, game changing, and a bit of boring and mind-boggling conversation, but they are there.

Have any of you found love in the club?