Oh, Brett Davern. If you’ve flipped on MTV lately, all of the buzz has been about the new hit show “Awkward,” where Brett stars as the eye-catching hottie, “Jake.” When he’s not busy being a stud, Brett has quite the craving for adventure — check out what five things he thinks should be on every Love Twenty reader’s bucket list (his plans included!).

When we asked Brett what five things should be on every twenty-something’s bucket list, this is what he said:

5. Play golf at each of the following locations with your three best buds. For me it would be my father, brother, and best friend at Pebble Beach, Augusta National, and St. Andrews — in that order.

4. Drive a Super-Car on the German autobahn. For me, it would be a Ferrari… or a Lamborghini… or maybe a Porsche… or… oh hell, does it matter? It would be any of those if someone was crazy enough to loan one to me!

3. Helicopter snowboard, somewhere in the untouched Alaskan backcountry!

2. Fly, privately, to a different city just for dinner with someone special and fly back home in the same night. I mean as long as we’re dreaming, right?

1. I have always had this crazy dream of spending a year off the grid, promising myself I won’t stay in the same city for more than a week. Think of the fun and adventure you could have in those 52 weeks? It would be great, or horrible, but either way you would have a story, right?

What has been your favorite memory so far?

It sounds cliche and cheesy, but my favorite memories include just spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s snowboarding trips to Mammoth, CA, campfires on the beach in Washington state, or crazy Vegas weekends. I could never choose just one memory when they are all so good!

What do you think of Brett’s list? Tweet him (@BDavv) and let him know! We don’t know about you, but we would take up #2 in a heartbeat.