I love fashion trends because everyone wants to have it, and just because it’s a trend it doesn’t mean that you have to follow it and copy every exact detail. The best part it that you get to play with the trend and interpret it in your own way to make it work for you. This time the new trend is Tribal Fashion — a great combination that brings together two of my favorite things: fashion and culture.

Although it’s a fashion trend and might seem a little expensive, it’s not. There are many ways to incorporate this really fun trend in your wardrobe, and I’m going to help you get started!

Outfit Option #1:

1. Start out with a dress and look for your favorite pattern and color.
2. Pick out your favorite heels, boots, sandals, or flats — whatever shoe you want.
3. Choose between a pair of earrings, a few bangles, or a cute necklace. If you wear too many accessories at once, you might look like you tried too hard. Instead we want to make it look very organic and natural.

Outfit Option #2:

1. Start with a simple skirt.
2. Add a belt to cinch your waist.
3. Put on a tribal inspired blouse to balance it out and give it that natural look.

Need a great place to find some awesome tribal prints to incorporate into your wardrobe? Check out Forever21. Don’t worry — we already did the search for you!

Again, this is a trend and trends are meant to be played with… so go ahead and have fun!