If only packing was this pretty.

I’ll soon be moving almost 3,000 miles away sooner than I’d like to believe; so here I am, desperately trying to fit my life into three enormous suitcases. Check out some tips and tricks I’ve learned to help you pack!

The premise of trying to pack your entire closet into suitcases is an extremely terrifying thought. Add in decorations to try to make your lifeless new apartment or dorm room feel like home, and you have got a seriously daunting task ahead of you. But fear not, it is possible to take all of your clothes (unless you have the closet of Nicky Hilton… then maybe not) AND have the cutest place in town. 

Ship as much as you can ahead of time. Check with the head of Residential Life or your new landlord for the earliest date you can ship to the place you’ll be staying in. Be sure to confirm that they will hold your stuff for you because you wouldn’t want them to lose that precious desk lamp, would you? I would suggest mailing everything that adds a lot of weight to your suitcase, like mattress pads and jewelry trees. It adds up, and who wants to spring for overweight suitcases?

Cram it in the carry-on. After purchasing a carry-on a bit smaller than regulation size, I began to pack and as I packed, I grew more and more perplexed (and also very happy — maybe a bit too happy). It was almost as if my carry-on was that of Mary Poppins, or perhaps Hermione Granger; believe me, I thought all I was going to put in that silly little bag was my laptop and toothbrush, but I have triumphed over those pesky luggage demons! I found that it was most convenient to place undergarments, socks, and various t-shirts and shorts in it. You, 1; Luggage demons, 0.

Leave your winter garb at home. Even if you are going to a place that reaches below freezing temperatures (who, me?), don’t take all of your coats and boots if you don’t have to. It’s September, people. Or maybe October, for you quarter system folks. Have your parents ship it to you a couple weeks into the semester. Maybe they’ll miss you so much they’ll send you money too… cross your fingers!

Use every bit of space possible. Put your resources to work, youths of the future! For example, I am taking a mini-drawer organizer, so I stuffed it with small school supplies like tape, pens, and post-its. Those pockets on the front of your suitcase? Not just for decoration! Use them to stash binder paper, folders, and maybe even tights! Who knew?

These tips may sound like common sense, but trust me, when you start packing for college or your killer new job, common sense essentially flies out the window, never to return. Keep those suitcases light, and you’re good to go! I wish you the best of luck in all of your future packing endeavors!