Fashion = love.

New York and London Fashion Weeks have been and gone, and Milan’s is on the horizon. This means that the next couple of months are going to be full of news trends, fantastic clothes, and for many of us, that sense of despair as we try to overhaul our wardrobes. It’s then the perfect time to listen to some sage fashion advice about our wardrobes and they way we view fashion.

The indispensable fashion advice I am going to offer is not my own – rather it came from the pen of literary goddess Meg Cabot (you may remember her from such awesome novels like The Princess Diaries Series). In one of her lesser known, but equally great novels (…I’m only a bit of a fan…) Teen Idol, main character Jenny Greenly offers this piece of invaluable advice to fashion victim Cara Schlosburg

“It’s more important to look good than to look fashionable.”
Cara stared at me.
“But isn’t it that the same thing?”

No Cara (and lovely readers), no it is not. Vintage clothes would never have had their rebirth if that had been the case. If we break it down, looking fashionable only takes wearing the right clothes, or what everyone else is wearing at the moment. The problem: what is in fashion, or what everyone else is wearing, may not be the right things for us to wear.

This is why, when we look at the latest fashion trends in magazines and browse our favorite boutiques for the looks of the season, it is important to have a critical eye. DON’T buy something just because it is in fashionable – make sure the style suits you, enhances your natural beauty, and makes you look and feel beautiful! 

We are lucky enough to live in a world with a fast moving and varied fashion industry. This means one of two things – that we can generally stick out a fashion trend we don’t like, and that there is always more than one fashion trend going at any given time. Case in point, is the recent trend of dresses and shirts that are shorter at the front, and long out the back. Some of these are beautiful. None of them look good on me. However, the recent foray into Mad Man-inspired clothing? Suits me to a tee!

The key to this is not eschewing all current fashions with a firm hand – it is to mix the parts of the fashion trend which also suit you, so your look is fresh, but still true to who you are as a person and keeps you looking fantastic. As wonderful as I know I would look in an Elizabethan ball gown, I can’t exactly go wearing that to my next formal occasion.

Don’t think that just because something is in fashion it will look good on you – and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. It is always better to look wonderful in something a few seasons old, than look awkward in something straight off the runway.

And always remember, if you totally rock something that isn’t the latest trend, you may just end up bringing it back into fashion!