Are you listening?

The key to having a successful relationship is being able to communicate with one another, and if it’s not the most important thing in your relationship…maybe it should be.

Conflict is never the problem in a relationship, it’s how you go about handling it. When a couple fights, it means they care and are addressing the issue. If you let everything bottle up, eventually it will cause a bigger argument than it would have originally. Poor communication skills can cause tension and distance in the relationship.

Having the ability to compromise and change to maintain a healthy relationship, is what being in love is. Both people need to have the willingness to work together and make sacrifices to prove that you will do anything to keep the relationship lasting. The more you communicate, the more that’s out in the open. Understanding one another will help avoid pointless arguments.

Having good communication skills will really help strengthen the bond in a relationship. If you think being honest will ruin the relationship, then maybe you two shouldn’t be together. If you don’t hold anything back with your best girl friends, then why should it be any different with your boyfriend?