Spice up your dorm room!
Living on campus is very exciting especially when you’re a brand new freshman in college. You have so many ideas about decorating your dorm room but you might get discouraged because some dorms are not as big as your room back home. Don’t worry, because believe it or not, there are plenty of ideas on decorating a dorm. The trick is to be more organized.
For your closet: Use a pop up hamper for your clothes — they’re ideal for tiny closets and the mesh material is flexible and can be stored when you don’t need it. Having a few hangers will be best to keep your clothes off the floor and in your closet. Also, hanging shelves will allow you to have more storage for your sweaters, jeans and other bulky items. What’s great about these shelves is that they take up little to no space in your closet. For your shoes, buy an over-the-door shoe bag; it will save you the trouble of having your shoes all over the floor.

For your desk: Invest in an accordion folder. Trust me, finding important papers will be much easier. Since space is so limited in dorms, find multi-functional items such as a desk organizer lamp. They are ideal and can hold as many items as you want.

Now that you’ve organized your dorm, it’s time to decorate! All I have to say are three words: lighting, lighting, and more lighting, because dorm lighting is horrible. Overhead florescent lights just don’t get the job done, but a sleek floor lamp, pendant lamps or a desk lamp give you great results.

Carpeting: Some dorms may have carpeting already, but to jazz it up and make it your own. Pick out a cute little rug and place it anywhere you want to add personality.

Seating: You’ll probably have guests in your room, so to make their visit comfortable and relaxing aim for a little couch and pair it with a few decorative pillows.

Final Touches: Since we’re heading towards the cold season, place flameless, battery-operated candles all over your dorm. These candles are an extreme must-have because they mimic a real candle without the fire; they are also scented and come in different scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice even mom’s apple pie! These aromas will make the environment in your room very cozy and pleasant.

Try these tips and tell me what you think by leaving a comment!