Stay warm while looking cool!

It’s goodbye summer, hello fall! Now that we’re back to the season of cold afternoons and breezy mornings, it’s time to bring out our favorite pieces of clothing to beat the weather and still look cute! This is the time to experiment with various outerwear that can save you from freezing or getting extremely sick. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to have fun, even if the sun is missing-in-action, by wearing trendy coats and avant garde capes! Check out the five must-haves for this season, before you start shivering!

Cape – Do you like going out to party but afraid that the weather will ruin your outfit? Worry no more! Capes are here to keep you in style! I never thought that the cape invention would look absolutely adorable! You can order it in different colors and various textures, there are shiny ones available, too! It’s also a great way to dress up a tank top or tube outfit! In my opinion, it looks sleek and sophisticated. DKNY is known for the cape outfit.

Trench Coat – You’ll find classy trench coats everywhere you go! Everyone has at least one, so don’t miss out on the fun! It’s knee-length so your whole body will be protected from the rain and the below 40 degrees weather. When you wear it, you’ll feel like you’re walking in the streets of New York City!

Faux Fur Jackets – This is such a fun piece of clothing that suits anything and everything you wear! You’ll be channeling your fierce personality. These jackets have various prints that you will absolutely love – from cheeta prints to zebra prints to tiger prints! Try to collect them all.

Rain Coat – Match this one with a pair of rain boots and you will look like a stunner! It protects you from the raindrops and provides heat to your body so you can walk around campus feeling warm. If you want to take it off, it’s easy to fold it and pack inside a bag!

Poncho – I love ponchos! They have different themes, colors, sizes, and the like. The native style is clearly the in design right now. These ponchos will be making your outfit look a little crazy and funky! They’re just right for the fall season since they cover your arms and are thick enough to provide warmth.

Enjoy the cool weather!