Hook me up with a pony like that!

It may be your go-to style but that doesn’t mean you have to get stuck n a hair rut. Like snowflakes ponytails come in all shapes and styles. Here are some ideas to switching up your style with no extra effort required.


In the same way that an amazing shoe or gorgeous bag can elevate a basic outfit, a hair accessory can turn an ordinary pony into an extraordinary one. There are tons of different hair accessories to try whether you like a more classic look with a glossy headband or want to try something more eclectic like a feather.


Ponytails get a bad rap for sometimes being sloppy. A ponytail can look just as good at a party than as sitting on your couch on a Thursday night watching TV. For a going out look, slick back all of those fly aways and pull your hair into a high pony. Finish by flat-iorning the end and wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic to hid it.

Tendrils For a care-free Blake Lively-like do, begin by pulling your hair back into a pony. Then pull out a few face framing pieces. If you desire, curl them with a curling iron for more of an ethereal look.

If you have natural texture in your hair this is a perfect style for you. Style your hair as if you were going to wear it down then loosely tie an elastic a third of the way down your ponytail. It’s okay if a few layers come out, it’s meant to look effortless.


Center, messy or side-parted, you can switch up your look in a second with just running a comb through your hair. Figure out which part you’re in the mood for today then pull the rest of your hair back into a low pony.