Old made new again!

The concept of shopping your closet became really popular around 2008 when the economic recession captured all of the headlines. This method was a lot of women’s magazine’s answer to the economic decline, but I find that, recession or no recession, this concept very much applies to the typical twenty-something.

Whenever life goes into overdrive, I find that both my bank account and my wardrobe options are depleted. I have spent so much money eating out because I’ve been too busy to cook, and I have had no time to do laundry. Both my lack of money and the absence of clean clothes have forced me to dig deep and shop my own closet.

Start by pulling out clothes from storage. This might be unfeasible if you’re in college, but can be a good Thanksgiving break mini project. Keep all of the pieces that don’t look terribly dated (unless they’re back in fashion), and stick to picking basics like solid-colored T-shirts and jeans without embellishments (flared-styles are back and I’m willing to bet you have a few of those from high school).

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and pick something that might not be “in” right now. If it catches your eye, then it means you can find some way to work it back into your clothing repertoire.

If there is a certain item of clothing you used to love, but put away because a button fell off or a zipper got stuck, or a sweater pilled (you know, when clothes, especially sweaters, start to form little balls of fabric), ask your grandmother, sister, mom or friend if they can fix it for you, or, even better, you can fix it yourself. A quick Internet search will give you tons of links on whatever you’re looking for.

Make it a point to wear your rediscovered clothes. Don’t just leave them around to clutter up your closet. Plan outfits around them, and see your clothing options multiply!

How do you shop your closet?