Too racy for kids?

Barbie is always viewed as being the perfect role model for young girls, but what if we grew up playing with a Barbie that had tattoos?  This newest Barbie doll by Mattel and Tokidoki, has caused some discussion among parents as to whether or not the doll is appropriate for children. Is the new Barbie racy or stylish?

Mattel collaborated with Tokidoki, a brand founded in 2005, that is inspired by Japanese inspired lifestyle. Tokidoki Barbie is sporting leopard tights, an off the shoulder black tunic with Tokidoki’s heart-shaped skull and crossbones logo, and a hot pink mini. However, what is causing havoc around the U.S is the fact that this Barbie has pink hair and tattoos covering her neck, chest and shoulders. Parents are concerned that the tattoos and pink hair are sending the wrong message to young girls.

Growing up, girls believe that if Barbie can be anything, then so can they. The Tokidoki Barbie gives off the message that just because someone is different or changes their look, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly a different person. It doesn’t mean Barbie can’t still be a teacher, a doctor or a fashion designer. With or without tattoos, Barbie is still Barbie. In reality, if as adults we get a tattoo or dye our hair it doesn’t mean we can’t live a successful lifestyle. Mattel made a bold move with this collaboration, and parents will eventually see that this new Barbie is relaying a good message.

In defense of Mattel, the Tokidoki Barbie is a collector’s item only available for purchase online. It will not be available on shelves for young girls to see or purchase. For parents to be this concerned over something their six-year-old might never find out about is a little out of hand. Content director of, Chris Byrne’s said, “At the end of the day, the doll does not model behavior…if you don’t like tattoos, it’s your obligation as a parent to not allow tattoos. Children will do things in play that they aren’t going to replicate in life.” Byrne’s is right. If your daughter plays with a Barbie that has tattoos when she’s younger, it does not mean that she is immediately going to get a tattoo when she turns 18 just because the doll had them.

Parents need to come to terms with reality and the fact that a Barbie with tattoos is the least of their worries. Being different is more acceptable in this generation than it ever was.

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