Fail? Never!
What do you do when you get your first F in college? A.) Cry your heart out. B.) Comfort yourself with ice cream and sweets. C.) Lock yourself inside your room until you’ve mastered the book. D.) Talk to your professor about your issue. E. ) Ground yourself by not going online on Facebook for a week. How about all of the above? Read here to survive and surpass your challenge in academics.

Don’t fret when you receive your first low score on an exam during your first semester in college. You still have ways to cope up with stress and bring up your final grade! Just make sure you do your best and focus on what you really want to happen. As they say, if you want something badly, you can have it.
CRY: I know it’s painful to see a huge red mark that says F, so it’s okay to cry your heart out to let the emotions express themselves. The pressure is on you to better yourself, so take time to let go of the experience of getting an F. Don’t worry, your family and friends will be there to cheer and support you!
EAT YOUR FAVORITE JUNK FOOD:  Junk foods are comfort foods. You’re excused to eat them the whole day to make you feel a whole lot better. They are there to keep you company while you stare at your exam paper and tell yourself that you are going to do better. If your classmates can get a 3.92, so can you! No, actually, these junk foods will inspire you to aim for a 4.0! Remember, you can have more cake as long as you get an A on your next exam.
READ, READ, READ:  Do not stop until you’ve learned and remembered everything your professor has told you for your next exams and the final! This is the way to go if you want to pull up your grades.
TALK TO YOUR PROFESSOR:  It’s always a good thing if your professor knows your name and knows you personally. Tell him/her how you feel about the low grade so they will understand that you’re set on passing the subject with flying colors. They will definitely appreciate your drive to succeed and willingness to open up about how you feel. It’s also a way to ask for help with ideas or topics that confuse you a lot.
CONFISCATE YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD:  You want an A, right? Stop going online on Facebook every hour just to look at your best friend’s new uploaded photos during the weekend. If you’re serious about pulling your grades up, it’s time for you to focus and plan your game!
I know you’ll be doing everything you possibly can to attain your QUATRO SEMESTER!