Tired of feeling like the “new girl”?
For many of us, finding a job (let alone a good job that we enjoy) is the constant battle. In today’s tough economy, it can take dozens of submitted resumes, countless interviews, and a number of let downs before we finally nail that perfect employment opportunity. But even with the relief of the job offer, the stress of being the “new hire” can be just as difficult to navigate.

There are many different stresses that come with a new job. Everything from surviving training, to feeling confident in your new role, to building relationships with your coworkers, can lead to plenty of pressure. (Not to mention the need to always be stylishly business appropriate!) Keep in mind that everyone has got to start somewhere, and that being new is the perfect opportunity to grow and learn from those around you who have been in your shoes.

Take advantage of your training and your trainers as much possible. Be sure to ask lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to keep asking questions once the training is officially over. When looking to build up in any type of employment it is a good idea to find mentors. These mentors have been successful enough to grow within the work place, and can help you along that path as well.

Build relationships with your coworkers. Whether you need a shift covered, some help tackling a tight deadline, or someone to eat lunch with, making friends in the workplace is the best way to feel comfortable in your new environment. Be sure to take the time to get know more about some of your coworkers than simply their job title. Creating a relationship with a coworker, who you can also call a friend, will help spice up the everyday and ease the tension of being new.

Don’t be afraid to stand out. Even though you are new and there is a lot that can be learned from those around you who have been there longer, don’t be afraid to speak up. Keep in mind that you were hired for a reason and that you are competent and capable. Companies like to hire new people for new perspectives, and your fresh take on an idea may be just what they were looking for.

Success usually doesn’t happen overnight. So, be sure to give it some time and give it your best. Don’t worry if mistakes happen along the way, and don’t be afraid to be that person who stood out to those who hired you.