Boyband cutie, singer, actor…rapper?

Who knew that the next music video Justin Timberlake would be in he would be rapping? Former ‘NSYNC member turned solo artist, turned actor…turned rapper? Justin Timberlake surprised fans recently when he was featured as a rap artist in FreeSol’s newest music video. Read on to find out if JT is going to be pursuing this newest career move.

It’s already been five years since Justin Timberlake’s last solo album release and since then he has been on tracks with stars like T.I, Madonna, and of course lets not forget his skit with Andy Samberg on SNL. His music career has been on hold, due to his new found love for acting. JT is the star in FreeSol’s new music video, “Role Model”, and surprisingly enough, he is rapping on the track.

Fans are concerned that he is now going to start pursuing his rapping career, but this is false. He helped produce FreeSol’s new album, which is why he is featured rapping on this track. After Justin’s success in the box office this year, I think his music career is going to stay on pause for now while he focuses on his acting.

Justin Timberlake starred in a total of three movies that were released this year–his newest being “In Time”, which will be released on October 28th. Even though we would love to see Justin making a new fun album, his acting career is taking off and seems to be his main focus. As for now, fans should get used to seeing his beautiful face on the big screen!