Bare legs are so last season!

Ever since I watched her walk down the aisle in her stunning Alexander McQueen lace wedding gown, Kate Middleton’s style has dominated my closet. As this year’s biggest breakout style icon–I’ve been in love with her prep school-meets-princess personal style. From fascinators to lace overlay dresses, not to mention her bouncy chestnut tresses (you’d be hard pressed to spot this princess having a bad hair day), Kate is a trendsetter. But Kate’s latest fashion choice is one that I’m not exactly rushing out to stores for — pantyhose?

Those itchy, icky-colored suntan tights that your grandma made you wear to church on Sundays? Yep, those are the ones. Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa have been seen donning nude hosiery and they become a staple in their regal style. And ever since the Middleton sisters have been spotted wearing them, the sales for sheer hosiery has jumped by 12 percent in the U.S. and 85 percent in the U.K. according to Good Morning America.

In fact, the Middletons’ fans are taking their style-trends so much to heart, that apparently the saying among retailers goes, “Whatever the Middletons touch turns to ‘sold!’”

Even if it is royal dress-code (closed-toed shoes, mid-length skirts and pantyhose), I’m not so sure if I’m buying into the pantyhose revival. Until now, nude hose were reserved for the corporate office or church (twenty years ago). Nylon stockings were an outfit staple from the ‘40s into the ‘70s and you would have been hard pressed to find a woman showing off her bare legs — it was like walking down the street without underwear. A lot of women nowadays say that pantyhose are just too outdated and that they feel liberated from itchy stockings their grandmothers and mothers wore.

But hosiery has also changed since then — fashion retailers say that these are not your grandma’s pantyhose. They’re lighter and come in a variety of shades to match your skin tone, not to mention, they smooth out shaving cuts and uneven tans.

What do you think? Are pantyhose seeing a comeback, or are they just hopelessly old fashioned?