Get the career advice you need!

College is a time for living independently, setting goals, and being active in academics and extracurriculars. It is also the season of finding the best internships that are related to your chosen field. What better way to improve your resume and cover letters by stopping by your school’s career services? Trust me, you will learn a lot of useful information that will help you in your career. I’ve learned quite a lot from them. Here are some of the advices they’ve given me.

Always write a handwritten thank you note to the employers – it’s crucial to be remembered after an interview or internship. Employers do keep those creative thank you notes and would gladly appreciate one from you.

Do your research before an interview – you need to impress the employers, so go ahead and read their company profile and brush up on current events. They want to see that you’re responsible and willing to broaden your knowledge about the world.

Be nice to everyone – everyone knows everyone. It’s as simple as that!

Network, network, network – You’ll be at an advantage if you know someone from your dream company. Networking gives you contacts and can also give you a decent number of advice from various professionals. It’s a good way to meet new friends and acquaintances. People want to be mentors!

Take on leadership roles – Employers want to see that you are pro-active, intellectual, and capable to run a business. You should start volunteering for organizations and put your talents to good use. You don’t have to be a leader in everything, though. 2 or 3 leadership activities are enough to prove that you can adapt to any situation.

How has your career services helped you on your goals?