All I want for Christmas is you.

We all know and understand that Christmas is a time for love, peace, family, and harmony. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spice Christmas up while also honoring family traditions. Here are a few ways to start a few of your own steamy Christmas Traditions.

Before Christmas Traditions:

Do a Christmas countdown. The days leading up to Christmas (perhaps 3-5 days) surprise your man with a present each day until Christmas. This could be in the form of poems, a mix CD of your favorite love songs, a batch of Christmas cookies…etc… Be creative!

Christmas Traditions:

Reminisce. Ask your boyfriend or significant other out on a date. Go back to the first restaurant you went to together. Talk about your thoughts from the first date and what was going through your mind. This is a great way to reconnect and have a few laughs together.

Decorate the house with candles and give each other back and foot massages. Then run a warm bubble bath sprinkled with rose petals. If you’re bold enough, have lingerie or a nice dress laid out on the bed for him to see. Afterwards have dinner and dessert for two.

Invite your closet couple friends over together and have a secret Santa. This way not only do you get to spend time as a couple, you’re allowing your other friends into your domain.

After Christmas Traditions:

Need a vacation to unwind from all those Christmas dinner parties?  Book a romantic weekend at your local hotel. Many hotels have weekend packages that include messages for two for less than $300. Many of the packages include a romantic welcoming package, a breakfast for two and treatments at the spa.