Bet you can hardly wait to open it!

Don’t you love the fact that in a few weeks, you will be celebrating Christmas with family and friends? It’s almost the holiday of giving and sharing; however, you’re still a broke college student. Here are some cheap but cute ideas that you can buy or create just for your loved ones. They will love you for your thoughtfulness, and they will adore you for your creativity.

  1. Collage. This will bring out your inner Martha Stewart. Don’t you just enjoy seeing photos and decorating a frame filled with magazine cutouts or stickers from art stores? This is friendly to your budget and also one of the sweetest gifts you could ever give someone.  The receiver will put it up on his or her dorm room or in the living room for all the world to see.
  1. Personalized letter. Nowadays, you barely see personalized handwritten notes. Here’s your chance to design a card and make a very heartfelt message to your friends and family. I’m positive they will be keeping it for a lifetime. Your gift will make them say, “awwww”.
  1. Stress ball. This is a must for college friends. Stress balls really work, so why not keep your friends breathing and sane by getting them this item? I am in love with the various shapes and sizes of the stress balls – from donuts to hamburgers to smileys.
  1. Flowers and a vase. You might want to test your floral arrangement skills. You can get a bouquet and a vase, and make different designs for each person. Personally, I like receiving flowers, so I think this will be a good idea! I know it’s not yet Valentine’s day, but Christmas is just as special, so flowers are great for making people feel special and loved.
  1. Knitted items. Knitting is an art, and if you show it off by making Christmas gifts for everyone, then that makes everything more beautiful and personalized. It’s no joke to knit gloves or coasters or blankets, so your receivers will be flattered you spent time and energy to make their Christmas gifts.
This is the season to be jolly! Go out there and unleash your creativity while enjoying the holiday spirit. What other gift ideas do you have?