My final is tomorrow? Oops!

It’s midnight and you know there’s no way you’re getting all of your studying for finals done by tomorrow morning. That’s right – you’re facing an all-nighter. It’s time to log off Facebook, brew a pot of coffee and turn on some tunes… it’s going to be a long night!

Here’s a playlist to get you through the early morning hours, sleepyhead.

“Sleepyhead” – Passion Pit
“Up All Night” – Blink 182
“Tik Tok” – Kesha
“Dancing in the Dark” – DEV
“Blackout” – Breathe Carolina
“Lights and Music” – Cut Copy
“Sun of a Gun” – Oh Land
“Clocks” – Coldplay
“Queen of the Night” – Whitney Houston
“Marry the Night” – Lady Gaga
“It’s Oh So Quiet” – Bjork
“A Hard Day’s Night” – The Beatles

What’s on your late-night study session playlist?