Where aren’t you?

Want to take a few summer courses but don’t want to have to sit next to the girl who thinks Sociology was made to explain her everyday life? Want to stare out the window and see a new back drop? Maybe you want to add a new language into your life. These are affordable, yet insanely cool options abroad.

We all want to do something fun with our summer. Some of us hang on the Jersey Shore, while others pound the pavement in New York. However, there are a select few who want to get away and explore. For you I have complied a list of affordable study abroad options that get the middle man out of your way and make it simple and easy for you to explore the world in your down time.

What you need to apply:

- Be in good academic standing
- Copy of your most recent transcript
- Letters of Reccomendation (work or academic)
- A Passport
- Money
- A need to explore


Newcastle University: Newcastle University is not only a top notch university it also offers students an opportunity to take part in a summer internship along with their studies. The prices are inclusive and offer many flexible options!

University of the Arts London: Are you creative? Interested in fashion? Want to explore the world of fashion for the first time then this opportunity was made for you! At the University you’ll be able to explore fashion design, merchandising and footwear design all in the heart of London!

The University of Westminster: Not into fashion but still want to be in the centre of it all? The University of Westminster is for you. Not only do they have flexible start dates but they are so close to all the major attractions, shopping locals and sights you can taste them from your dorm room. They offer a variety of courses from Business to art history!

St. Andrews: Want to see where the Princess snagged her Prince WHILE attending a top notch summer program? St. Andrews University will be offering an international summer program in July 2013 for all you smart and equally romance minded women.

Utrecht Summer School: Always wanted to visit the Netherlands? Never had an excuse? Well here’s one: The University of Utrecht offers students from all over the world a chance to study in the Netherlands. Not only will you be taking academically accredited courses BUT there will be an international selection of men.

UNIGE: Big on romance languages? Or just big on romance? Why not learn french or even learn about french culture in one of the most romantic cities in the world. UNIGE offers all levels of french study as well as courses on french culture. Explore the city while learning to speak the language of love!


University of Turku: Want to try something different? Why not leap into the arms of one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Explore Finnish culture and language.