How will you spend winter break?
So, are you ready for the one month winter break, or will you be busy inside the office taking on winternships? Read here to see my opinions about taking an internship during winter. It may be stressful, but it’s worth a shot! You’ll learn a thing or two about the industry you dream of pursuing.

Winternships are valuable opportunities for you to understand the life of a working girl/guy. Most of us tend to head back to our hometowns to take a break from an excruciating semester, but others opt to spend a month or two in the city to fulfill their dreams. It’s up to you to prioritize what you want to happen in your life.
The best thing about winternships is that there is less competition when applying for the job. It’s winter break, so everyone’s getting excited to eat glorious food and celebrate the end of another year. Employers are still needing extra help during these days because many people are not willing to work then. So, I say go for it!
Also, if you’re worried about missing your family during the break, why not invite them to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in the city that you’re living in? Not only will you get to explore a new city, but you’ll also be with the ones you love. It’s all about taking a leap of faith.
Think about your future when you’re planning your winter break. Be as productive as you can so that in the future, employers will see that you have career goals and are committed to becoming the best employee. It’s not easy, but it will definitely be worth it!
If you want to be in your hometown and still work for winternships, check local ads for a job near you or go for virtual internships! They may be hard to find, but you should be proactive and do your research. If you can’t find them, do ask questions. You’ll surely get a reply. After all, who doesn’t want extra help in the workplace?