Another year of phenomenal fashion has gone by. With so many drool-worthy celebrity get-ups taking over the red carpet and other fabulous events, we had to showcase some of the most eye-catching, creative celebrities of the past year. You are in for a treat.

This particular celebrity is difficult to write about. Maybe it’s because I can remember watching her in the first Harry Potter movie when I was just seven and thinking it was so cool that she was bossy and smart like me or maybe it’s because her intelligence, her accent, her lady-like disposition and her style are all so breathless that I can’t find words to describe them adequately. Yeah, I think that’s it.

From day one, Emma Watson was a star. But now, at the age of 21 and at the end of her Potter days, she’s cut off her symbolic hair and slipped in to a magnificent reign over the fashion world. Not only did she wow countless times this past year at movie premiere after move premiere, but she showed the world a style all her own. Be it cute lace shorts with a blazer and cheeky bow-tie or classic stripes with a Burberry trench, she presents herself to the fashion community and to the world as a definite fashion-force to be reckoned with. Long live Hermione, but longer live Emma Watson and her ah-mazing style.

Newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dominated every event and every red carpet she appeared at this past year. Not only were her sequined, floor-skimming gowns to die for, but her more casual looks, like this nude Burberry tailored tuxedo, were right on the bullseye. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of her A+ looks in the coming year.

Chloe Grace Moretz may only be a freshman in high school, but her clothing would never suggest it. She consistently looks mature and fresh-faced, never overstepping her youthful bounds, and never looking anything short of perfect. She’s one of my favorite young, new actresses and I can’t wait to see more of her impeccable style in 2012.

I think it’s safe to assume that Beyonce has actually reached the physical limit of fierceness. She’s won 243 awards total, including three American Music Awards, seven BET awards, 16 Grammy awards, and 11 MTV Video Music Awards. She’s bootylicious, beautiful, and she announced her pregnancy in the classiest way I’ve ever seen any celebrity do so. She wore this gorgeous orange Lanvin gown at the MTV Video Music Awards and, looking back to the 2011 celebrity fashion, this dress is definitely a standout.

I’m a little biased when it comes to anyone who’s a “Glee” star, but Amber Riley definitely stood out to me among them all this past year. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve loved seeing her become healthier and look more amazing every time I watch “Glee,” or maybe it’s because I happen to love Mercedes, but her fashion this year was extraordinary. She started off strong at this year’s Golden Globe Awards and kept on looking great in casual outfits and in stunning gowns like this one. I particularly like the belt around this gown that adds a little whimsy to the it by looking like a roll of film. Can’t wait for Amber in 2012!

The commoner’s name turned household name and royal, Catherine Middleton. Not only did she absolutely capture the world in this stunning Alexander McQueen gown, but she continued to wow all year in immaculate ensembles, sparking fashion-envy from women all over the world. This dress, however, has become an insta-icon and legend, as I’m sure Kate herself will be. Long live the Duchess, and long live her incredible fashion reign.

Gwyneth Paltrow may seem like an odd choice for best dressed of 2011, but I can’t imagine taking her off the list. Even though her Emmy skirt-and-cropped-shirt get-up didn’t impress me (I’ve been back and forth on it and I’ve finally decided that I did, in fact, hate it), I have to say that every other thing I’ve seen her in this year has been just lovely. I have to particularly point out her chrome-inspired dress for the Oscar’s that I thought was so perfect on her. It showed off her body just enough and it was edgy without being inappropriate. She continued the year in outstanding fashion, and even appeared in a completely green sequined gown that in my opinion, was a standout for 2011. Here’s hoping Gwyneth has an equally great new year (but maybe one that does not include more guest spots on “Glee”)!

Hailee Steinfeld could not be more perfect if she tried. Since her debut in the Oscar nominated movie True Grit, and her subsequent red carpet debut, she’s done nothing but wear stylish, well put-together, age appropriate clothes that have knocked everyone else out of the park. When I saw her in that Glinda the Good Witch-inspired sparkly confection at the Oscar’s this past year, my mind was made up that she would continue to place on everyone’s best dressed lists. Now she’s the face of legendary fashion brand, Miu Miu, and she continues to wear outstanding outfits that suggest she’ll be a force in the acting and fashion industry for years to come.

I haven’t always had an opinion about Jennifer Lopez. She’s always been okay and I’ve kind of liked her music (save for On the Floor, a song I just cannot get behind) but I’ve never necessarily paid attention to her until she was on “American Idol” and came out on the stage every week like it was her personal runway, wearing (usually) amazing clothes. Then the Grammy’s rolled around and she fiercely stomped onto the carpet wearing what looked like a shiny shirt with matching heels and clutch. I’m usually not in favor of the less is more concept when it comes to hemlines but because it’s J.Lo, for me at least, this became an instant classic, right along with that green gown she wore a few years ago (you know, the one where the neckline plunged to her belly button). She completely made over her image this year, style included. This dress kicked of a kick-ass year for J.Lo, including her standout green, one-sleeve, cut-out dress that she wore to meet the Royals. I can’t wait to see her new outfits on “American Idol” this year!

It’s no surprise that supermodel and super-icon Kate Moss is already a legendary name in the fashion industry. She’s been involved in campaigns with designers such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Clavin Klein, Chanel, Bulgari and Burberry. Kate has also designed a collection for Topshop. It’s no secret that the entire fashion world is at her disposal, which is perhaps why I was so surprised to see her in this dress for her wedding. Although, come to think of it, it really fits Kate perfectly. It’s beautiful, understated and glamorous — all the things I think Kate embodies. Designed by John Galliano (a name I personally think evokes awkward silence and shifty glances now) and is actually gypsy inspired. She looked absolutely gorgeous and radiated happiness next to her rockstar husband, Jamie Hince, who wore an outstanding robin egg blue tux. Kate’s always an impeccable dresser, but this dress takes the cake. It’s one-of-a-kind and totally unique — some would say, like Kate herself.

It would be almost wrong to not include Ms. Kate Winslet in this list of best dressed. As usual, Kate appeared in nothing but gorgeous dresses on the red carpet and tailored, put-together looks everywhere else. I just had to include this unique dress by Stella McCartney that she wore to the premiere of HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce. One armed dresses have certainly been prominent this year and I love how Kate made the trend her own by wearing one sheer, polka dotted sleeve. Actually, the entire length of this dress on one side is sheer with polka dots, a look I believe only someone like Ms. Winslet could pull off. It doesn’t hurt that she has an envy-worthy body, which this dress definitely flatters. She actually wore a take of this dress at the Venice Film Festival, also designed by Stella McCartney, that has been dubbed “the magic dress” due to it’s black side panels that make Kate’s hourglass figure look even slimmer and curvier. All in all, I think she took some risks this year and I think they all paid off. Kate definitely shows confidence is the most flattering thing any girl can wear!

I’m going to admit up-front to you all that I have an absolute, head-over-heels girl crush on Kristen Stewart. I’ve always loved her fashion sense and her red carpet choices (especially her Spiderman-inspired minidress paired with Converse sneakers at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards), but 2011 was really her year. She had a ton of red carpet appearances thanks to the premieres and publicity of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and she even looked amazing and stylish during her television appearances. She just looked incredible at every event she attended from ComicCon, where one day she wore dark boyfriend jeans, a loose black t-shirt and peep-toe heels, to the MTV Movie Awards, where she wore a red, blinged-out Balmain mini-dress. I’m really proud of Kristen’s fashion evolution and I can’t wait to see her fashion picks for 2012! I’ll love her no matter what, but looking good on a red carpet definitely helps!

It’s no secret that first lady, Michelle Obama, is one of the best dressed first ladies America has ever seen. And by “one of the best” I mean the best after Jackie, the only other first lady I can think of that actually had a sense of style. Sorry, but those very masculine pant-suits don’t do much for anybody, Hillary. Mrs. Obama’s style is much different from Jacqueline Kennedy’s, though. While Mrs. Kennedy did revolutionize fashion, she did it with feminine looking skirt-suits and pillbox hats. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, has come out in some of the most beautiful, standout gowns I’ve ever seen.

She’s worn designers such as L’Wren Scott, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and Diane von Furstenburg, but she’s also worn many, many, many pieces by smaller designers, catapulting all of them into the mainstream. She’s not afraid to be bold with color and design, but still manages to always look classy and modern, just as I believe a first lady should. I think her most outstanding fashion moment this year, however, was this red Alexander McQueen gown, worn to the China state dinner. I like that we have a woman in the White House who isn’t afraid to be fashionable and who can dress beautifully and stylishly. Who needs pant-suits when we have Michelle Obama in the House?

(The answer is that nobody needs pant-suits EVER. At least not the ones Hillary’s wearing.)

I wouldn’t think that an actress from “That ’70s Show” and “Family Guy” would make my best dressed list, but there it is, Mila Kunis made it. She wowed this year with her break-out roles in Black Swan and Friends with Benefits (a hilarious movie, if you haven’t seen it yet), and she undoubtedly wowed with her right-on-the-mark red carpet picks this year, starting with this perfect Elie Saab, worn to the Academy Awards. Personally, before the Oscar’s, I’d only ever seen her in bell bottoms from “That ’70s Show” or in little to nothing on magazine covers. When she walked onto the carpet in this, I absolutely fell in love.

Besides for the contrast to the sea of red we saw at the award shows this year, the soft, girly lace of this dress mixed with the playful, sheer patches and cleavage-bearing neckline made this dress an absolute win. The dress in itself shows that Kunis is ready to be taken seriously as an actress and, if the rest of red carpet appearances are any indication, she’s ready to be taken seriously in the fashion circuit as well. As much as I love “Family Guy,” I can’t wait to see more of Mila on the red carpet in 2012.

I’m so beyond thrilled that Emma Stone, one of my favorite actresses, has finally broken out and become a big star. She’s captured fans and critics not just for her great movie roles, but for her fashion choices, as well. She kicked off this year with a stunning, floor length, Calvin Klein dress — the absolute picture of sophistication and minimalism. I’d just like to point out that at the Golden Globes, Emma managed to stand out in a seemingly plain, peach colored gown, without having to be draped in bling and heavy jewelry. She continued the year wearing gorgeous but playful dresses to all of her red carpet events, including two of my favorites — her fresh and young Bottega Veneta MTV Movie Awards dress and her daring but demure pink and red Giambattista Valli dress, which sparked much color-block controversy. All in all, Emma has really stepped into the spotlight this year and has definitely put her best (fashion) foot forward!

Words cannot truly express my love for Miss Taylor Swift. Ask anyone. She is my absolute favorite star in the world and is kind of an obsession. Despite that love, however, I think I can objectively say that she rocked 2011 in sparkly and fun mini dresses, gorgeous gowns and casual, put-together looks that transformed her from sweet country star to style sensation. I’ve seen her this year in trendy cardigans with skinny jeans and flats (so cute!) and in incredible, glittery gowns, like her gold, sequin-covered Reem Acra AMA gown. It’s been fun seeing Taylor mature in her style and I can’t wait for next year’s award show looks (fake shock-faces, included)!

Elle Fanning has had a good year. She co-starred in the J.J. Abrams/Steve Spileberg mega-hit, Super 8, and in the new Cameron Crowe film, We Bought a Zoo. She’s also done modeling for the iconic fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, and has catapulted herself into the forefront of the fashion world. I don’t think there’s been one event this year, or one magazine I’ve seen, that didn’t show Elle looking perfectly chic and grown-up. She’s broken out of the shadow of her older sister, Dakota, and she’s working her way to becoming a respected figure in the fashion world. If she keeps looking as spectacular as she has been, I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots more of her in many years to come, both on the big screen and off.

Alexa Chung is without a doubt this year’s breakout fashionista. The British model, designer, fashion journalist, muse and television personality has recently brought her remarkable fashion sense, modeling talent, and keen eye for design to America, enthralling even the toughest of fashion critics and designers. She’s landed the covers of legendary magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, not to mention being named muse and fashion phenomenon by Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. She was ever-present at Fashion Week this year, showing off her impeccable style, wearing the best of tailored suits, blazers, whimsical dresses, and unique designs. She also happens to be a super-cool, badass woman. I have to admit, I was resistant to Miss Chung’s reign of fashion at first, but now I’m so excited to have a new fashion obsession to look forward to in 2012, not to mention a new TV show, “24 Hour Catwalk,” premiering January 10th on Lifetime. I can’t wait to see what else Alexa has up her perfectly-styled sleeve.

Okay, so Miss GaGa isn’t normally a staple of best dressed lists. She’s more of a staple on those, “What-The-Hell-Is-She-Wearing-and-Why-Is-It-Made-Out-of-Meat” lists. But honestly, I can’t help but feel like no matter what she wears, she looks ah-mazing. Be it a meat dress to make an anti-fur statement, head-to-toe houndstooth, or a gothic-and-old-English looking gown with black gloves (or even a Versace human head-cage, worn during her Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve performance), she always wears everything she wears with confidence, grace and total ownership of that fact that, yeah, she’s a freak.

But I think that in fashion, it’s sometimes a good thing to let your freak out. It can inspire you to be bold and daring with fashion and personal style and, in my opinion, no one better embodies self-esteem and Born This Way confidence than the Lady herself. She’s truly brought on a fashion revolution and has laid the groundwork for what I’m sure will be an incredible legacy and legend. So I say, keep wearing meat and hatching out of eggs, GaGa… it looks good on you!

Blake Lively never fails to make every fashion blogger’s best dressed list. Maybe it’s because her face and body seem to be flawless, or maybe it’s because her wardrobe from “Gossip Girl” plus her personal, and personally-styled, wardrobe are both to die for. For me, it’s the latter. Not only does this star get to don the most envy-worthy outfits on “Gossip Girl,” but she’s her own stylist. That’s right — she picks out her own clothes! Surprisingly, that actualy doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better when I go to my closet and realize I can’t actually be like her by picking my own clothes because I don’t own that Givenchy gown with matching Chanel shoes… But either way, whether Blake is on the red carpet, Fashion Week, the Met Costume Institute Gala, or on the set of her show, she always looks completely and utterly perfectly put-together and glamorous. She takes risks and they couldn’t pay off for her more. Another year, another best dressed spot for Miss Lively.

Who’s your favorite celebrity fashionista of 2011?