When whether Khloe is a real Kardashian or not isn’t trending on Twitter, some other fun topics tend to squeeze their way in… but who would have thought they could teach us a thing or two about love?

After some intense research and going through hundreds of tweets, I have a list of what the ladies of Twitter think is completely and utterly sexy as hell. And, I think I’m going to have to agree.

Kisses on the forehead: Umm, yes please. When you’re all cuddled up with your man, can anything beat those little spontaneous kisses on your forehead that show how much he cares about you? I don’t think so. Well, maybe kisses on the nose. Or cheeks. Or, well, anywhere.

When a guy takes control and does his thing: There’s not a bigger turn-on in the world then when a guy has the confidence to pick you up, throw you over his shoulder, and make it a night that you’ll never forget.

Having an education: This was a popular one. As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s pretty clear that geeks make great boyfriends. They’re not only acing every exam that’s thrown at them, but they’re smarty pants in the relationship department as well. Guys who have a good education not only attract the ladies with their motivation, but a guy who has goals for himself makes you want to be with him that much more.

Being able to dance: Or, at least attempt to dance. We all know that most guys can’t keep a beat for the life of them, but when that one guy finally keeps up with you, you’re not going to want to let him go — at least until the music stops.

Sleepy voices: For some reason, a lot of ladies dig it when guys are sporting their tired voices. Whether it’s before they go to bed or right when they wake up, men’s raspy, half-asleep voices make women swoon. And your crazy, messed up morning hair? Yeah, we like that too.

Being a great cook: Any guy who can cook a mean meal instantly goes up a few notches in most women’s books. When a meal smells good enough to make our mouths water, there’s a pretty good chance that the guy standing there in his apron will as well. (Bonus points if there’s nothing underneath it.)

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