Have you ever wanted to make your own headbands and necklaces, but didn’t know how? Well, now you can do that and more! Recently I went to my favorite bookstore and found a book called P.S. I Made This. I was curious, so I opened the book and found pages with pictures and instructions.

This book has so many creative do-it-yourself ideas that range from necklaces and faux-fur vests to embellished heels and chic handbags. I was instantly hooked and as soon as I got home, I started making all kinds of pretty projects such as bracelets made with lace, necklaces made with ribbon, and scarves made out of an old t-shirt. It’s easy to follow the instructions because they are clear, and it’s even easier because it includes pictures for every step, along with a picture of the finished product.

Another great reason why I love this book is because I can make gifts for my friends and family for any occasion and save a lot of money! Every D.I.Y. will tell you what you need, and most of what I needed were simple things that I already had, like scissors, glue, ribbon, etc.The author, founder and creator of this genius book is Erica Domesek. Erica has been seen crafting on Martha Stewart, NBC, E!, and CBS. Her work has been featured in publications like Teen Vogue, Glamour, Lucky, InStyle, Self, Italian Vogue, Vogue Nippon, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Erica also has her own website where you will find videos, a D.I.Y. gallery, and more!

Check out her website at www.psimadethis.comand you will see what a girl like Erica can do with some tools and a few things you may have around your home.