Recently, I went shopping with a close friend to catch up.  A lot of items caught my eye during that afternoon of shopping, but there was one piece of jewelry that kept me thinking all day.  My friend and I ventured into Charlotte Russe since they seemed to have some decent sales going on.

While we were waiting in line at the cash register, I saw a stretchy ring that had a word attached to it.  It said “Taken” in all capital letters.  I showed it to my friend, and we spent a minute talking and laughing about how silly it was to wear something like that.  I didn’t think much of it after leaving the store. However, it was when I saw several other pieces of jewelry with the same word spread across it that I started to subtly obsess over it.

But what does this all mean — are we really these relationship-obsessed people?  Has the “relationship status” on our social networking sites put a brand on our outward appearance?

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