Do you hate having freezing cold fingers while you’re trying to text? Yeah, us too. We’ve seen the many types and shades of texting gloves going around, but who doesn’t love an adorable pair of mittens over finger-suffocating gloves any day? The only problem with us mitten-lovers is that it was seemingly impossible to do anything with mittens on your hands, let alone text. Until now.

We recently were able to experience the fabulousness of the iMitt Texting Mitten from Knit Outta the Box and we are definitely in love. Throwing on a pair of mittens makes us feel young, fresh, and free. They’re the cutest things ever, and the best part is that they’ve enabled us to have the power to use our touch screen phones and even text, unlike any other pair of mittens in the world. Not only can we do just about anything in them, but they’re also so warm and cozy. The great thing is they don’t just stop at the top of your wrist, leaving the rest of your forearm to freeze. — they cover enough of your arm so you don’t feel that horrible, chilly breeze sneaking between your mittens and coat every time you go outside. Your wrists will love you.

These lovely mittens aren’t the kind you can just go into any store and pick up — they’re hand-knit by a women’s cooperative high in the Andean Mountains of South America. Even the yarn is straight from the region where the women live and is known for it’s softness, durability and warmth. The vibrant colors are also hand dyed using only natural dyes, which make the pair of mittens that much more special and beautiful.

Now that our hands are all cozy warm, Knit Outta the Box wants to make sure yours are, too! Think of this as an early Valentine’s Day gift. One that you will love more than any box of chocolates or roses that someone will give you.

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Good luck, ladies! Giveaway ends Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. CST.