If you’re in college right now then it’s that time of the year… Recruitment Week! Hopefully yours hasn’t started, because here are some quick tips that will make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Don’t go in with stereotypes — just like with reality TV, you can’t expect everything on TV to be accurate. Chances are, the sorority is far from what you’ve seen on Greek, Sydney White or Sorority Row. A lot of sororities take pride in their philanthropies (community service), sisterhood and academics.

See all the sororities — take a look at all your options and look up some of the sororities on the Internet. You can find all the information you need with a Google search (isn’t technology great?). On another note, if you’re close friends with someone from one sorority, don’t limit yourself to one — you may actually find another sorority you get along with just as well. Besides, it’s all about Greek Unity.

Relax — Even though you’re nervous, sisters are just as nervous to get to know you, too. Think about it — recruitment is a week long process, and with limited time and being in a room with over 30 different girls, it doesn’t make it very easy to get to know everyone. If you see someone you don’t know, go and talk to them. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Sisters are the best people to ask because every sorority will have their own experiences. If you don’t want to ask in person, you can probably ask your Campus Activities or the organization’s school email. Lastly, remember that they were once in your place — they want to make a connection with you and you are all there for the same reasons!

Don’t do something you aren’t comfortable with — Like I said above, there is limited time. If you feel like you can’t make a decision, don’t make one. You don’t want to make a decision you might later regret. Recruitment (depending on your school) is once a semester. Even after recruitment, there will be interest meetings and other opportunities where you will meet and get to know the organizations better.

Finally, have fun! — Recruitment itself is an experience and you don’t have to commit to anything you don’t want to. You don’t have anything to lose if you decide to attend recruitment, but you might miss out on sisterhood and lifelong friendships if you don’t!