A lot of us have had it. You meet a hottie at the bar, in your drunken state of mind decide it’s a great idea to go home with him, and then wake up totally sober (and totally awkward) in the morning. No one likes a walk of shame, so how do you get out of the I-really-wish-I-was-in-my-own-bed morning after stage?

Avoid the Awkwardness: First of all, if you make it awkward, it’s going to be awkward. Forget about the delicious morning breath, messy hair, and smeared mascara — you need to act as hot as you felt before all of the shenanigans under the sheets went down.  If you rock the confidence you had before, the morning is going to go a lot more smoothly. If you feel disgusting and act how you feel, this experience is going to be a lot more sucky then it should be.

Obviously you both had fun last night, so there’s no reason to feel weird about it in the morning. Sure, you might not remember his name, but just think of it as a really fun challenge to figure it out before you leave. I’m sure he has some mail or a secret diary laying around somewhere.

Then there’s the matter of…

Escaping Your New Lover: If you’re totally not interested in ever seeing this guy again, just casually get up for that important meeting you have, tell him you had a nice time, put on your clothes, and if he asks for your digits, give him the number of your fave take-out Chinese food.

Staying in Bed With the Hottie: If you’re kinda into his guy, stay in bed a little longer and start up a conversation. In a situation like this, it’s best to lead with a joke. Say something sarcastic like, “Soooo, last night. Fun, huh?” or “Well, it was definitely nice meeting you!” Words like that with a flirty smile will make the morning after so much more comfortable and may even lead to some breakfast in bed… or maybe just round two.

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