Ryan Kahn is nothing less than a career expert. Not only is he a Career Coach for Dream Careers, Inc., but he is the star of MTV’s “Hired” and has given us some great tips on landing the job of our dreams! When a guy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Star Magazine, and is author of his own book, “Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad,” you know he means business.

Here are Ryan Kahn’s 5 tips to getting a job:

1. Use Your Time Wisely:  The biggest error I see is people blasting their resume out to every job opening online. A better strategy is pick out the handful of positions you are truly qualified for and put all of your efforts and resources into those specific openings.

2. Get Experience:  These days, internships are crucial to landing a job out of college. The more experience and contacts you make, the better you are positioning yourself for your future.

3. Make Connections:  It is all about knowing someone who works at the company that can get your foot in the door. Ask family, friends, anyone you can. If no luck there, don’t worry. You can take it into your own hands by being active on the company’s social media pages or seeking out people who work for the company on Facebook and LinkedIn to message them directly and tactfully. Still no luck? Try hanging out at the coffee shop or lunch spot across from the office — you never know, one of their employees may be in line behind you.

4. Think “Inside the Box”:  Try mailing in your resume to the hiring manager using an empty shipping box filled with just one copy of your resume. That’s one way to get noticed!

5. Be Persistent:  Don’t be afraid to follow up with hiring managers. Often job seekers fail to follow up because they are afraid of rejection. Be persistent and make personal connections, as it may land you your dream career.

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