A month ago, my roommates were at their wit’s end with me. I was pitching Twitter to them like my life depended on it. Until, well, it did. If you were to hold a microphone to my lips and ask me what one thing you should be doing to turn your life around, I’d legitimately tell you to join Twitter. Crazy girl, I know. But it kind of saved my life.

Here’s why you should take the plunge:

1. You’re not satisfied with your current circle of friends. OK, don’t tell them that’s why you’re joining. They might not love hearing that one. But if you need to branch out and you’re not exactly in a position to move to another part of the country, Twitter will connect you, pretty immediately, to hundreds of like-minded souls.

2. You’re about to graduate. If you’re even thinking about going into something communications or sales related, being able to show someone your Twitter feed (and that you’ve got an established following/network), is invaluable. It’s becoming the new resume (in my opinion). Customer service via big corporations now happens over Twitter every single second. You may be tweeting out apologies in a few months for botched products instead of answering the phones and filling coffee orders.

3. It’s an amazing networking tool. It’s like three-way calling on steroids. You want one person to meet another? Introductions via Twitter are accomplished in one tweet. So when face-to-face networking is impossible because you’re in three different cities, this becomes a lifesaver.

4. The suggestions for users to follow are like a breadcrumb trail. You follow one person in the fashion industry or the computer science company you’ve been dying to work for, and pretty soon, you’ve found their co-workers and other people who work for similar companies and you’ve built your stream of users to follow in hours.

5. You’ll reach people you never would’ve know otherwise. This is the grand slam for me. It’s the reason I’m a writer for Love Twenty and able to share my triumphs and trials with people worldwide. But mostly, it was the one thing that pulled me out of the depths of a deep depression and pushed me to interact with people who actually cared about me and wanted me to succeed. And a cheerleader is a cheerleader, ten minutes or ten thousand miles away.

Just a small tip (and personal preference): When you create your Twitter handle (username), use something that makes you easy to find. I use my full name because it’s the first thing people usually search when trying to find someone online.

Have you hopped aboard the Twitter train?