Remember when we tweeted you ladies asking what questions you wanted us to ask a professional hair stylist? Well, of course we got the answers for you!  Amber Lane, who’s seriously a freakin’ hair genius, has answered your questions and has the solutions for everything from protecting your hair to becoming a blonde bombshell.

How can I make my hair grow faster?

Unfortunately, there is no proven way on how to make your hair grow faster.  The normal rate of growth for a head of hair is approximately 6 inches a year.  Remember that growing your hair out isn’t an excuse for not getting it trimmed.  Trimming your hair regularly will eliminate split ends and keep your hair looking healthy, and using a quality brush prevents tearing or breaking your hair.

Do you shed like crazy every time you take a shower or brush your hair? Keeping your stress levels down will also keep your hair from falling out. Another thing that helps a lot is drinking A LOT of water — it will help keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

How do I avoid split ends?

I get asked this a lot! Unless you get a trim every 6 weeks and don’t ever use a straightener or curling iron, you’re always going to end up with some split ends.  Some things you can do to help your split ends is detangling with a large tooth comb after your shower and drying you hair completely to avoid frizziness. There are also a lot of shampoos and conditioners that provide your hair with extra moisture, which is never a bad thing for avoiding damage. If you want your split ends to be less noticeable, be sure to use a thermal styling spray and be sure your straightener and curling iron are ceramics.

How can I do my hair like Taylor Swift?

First off, Taylor Swift has naturally curly hair, so getting her exact look is very difficult!  Taylor’s stylists just perfect her curls with a curling iron.  Its hard to really explain how to get her perfect waves, but they have amazing tutorials on websites like YouTube that will show you how to get a similar look.  Here’s a great example:

What’s the best product for curly hair?

The best ways to maintain curly hair is to keep it nice and clean.  Using a sulfate-free, ph-balanced product will secure the moisture that your curly tresses need.  This way it won’t become the dreaded frizzy hair that no girl (or guy) wants!  Keeping your hair hydrated at all times is essential to fabulous curly hair.  A few awesome hair products for curly hair (and three of my favorites) are Curl Glaze Mousse by Kenra, Curl Defying Crème by Kenra and TIGI’s Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier.

Is there any way to repair split ends?

There isn’t a way to repair split ends fully besides cutting them all off.  So like I said in question two, getting regular trims definitely helps prevent them and then using a light heat protectant will help keep them hidden.

How can I get my dark hair blonde?

Going from dark hair to blonde is always somewhat damaging, don’t let anyone tell you that putting bleach on your hair isn’t!  But don’t be scared. I went from a level 1 (which is the darkest level of hair color), back to platinum blonde.  Don’t think that you can achieve this over night though.  This isn’t something that can be done at one visit to the hair salon — it takes a few visits.  To get back to a semi decently healthy state of blonde took me about 6 months.  My hair was NOT pretty a couple of these months either!  The reasoning for this is because you have to lift through the “ugly” colors of yellow, orange, and red.  So it’s not impossible, it just takes a lot of time and money.  You have to use color removers 9 times out of 10, and a lot of times they will have to soap cap your hair, which is what stylists use to remove unwanted color quickly.

What product do you recommend to help avoid damage from straightening or curling hair on a regular basis?

My favorite hair care products that I use to help prevent damage are Thermal Spray 17 by Kenra and Schwartzkopf’s FlatLiner Iron Serum.  These products help smooth down your split ends and smooth your hair shaft for a healthy silky shine.