With The Hunger Games coming to theaters this Friday at midnight (FINALLY!), we only have a few days to properly prepare ourselves for the craziness. Here are five simple ways to rock the premiere!

1. Get the Look

If you’re going to go to a premiere, you have to look the part. And if you aren’t up to making yourself a Katniss clone, here are some more simple options from Cafe Press.

2. Give Yourself a HG Mani

There’s a whole line of Hunger Games nail polishes available from China Glaze, so make sure to give yourself an adorable manicure for the big night.

3. Make Some Tasty Treats

You can’t prepare yourself for The Hunger Games without some delish food. Make some mouth-watering HG-themed cupcakes or even some way-too-pretty-to-eat cookies.

4. Learn Some Pick-Up Lines

Did you lose an arrow? I found it in my heart.
I’d like to put some odds in YOUR favor!
Are you from District 3? ‘Cause you’re the BOMB!
Are you morphling? Because I’m high on you.

Yeah, those should work while you’re picking up hotties at the movie.

5. Actually Read the Books

If you’re thinking about going to the premiere without ever touching the books, don’t do it! Sit down and make sure you read The Hunger Games books before you head out for the crazy night. You’ll not only have more respect for the movie, but you’ll be able to chime in on all of the convos going on in line!

Now that you know how to get your Hunger Games on, I only have one thing to say — may the odds be ever in your favor!