With new social networking sites showing up left and right, it is now becoming important when looking for a job. After doing my research, I found that about 89% of companies are using social networking for job recruitment with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter being the top websites. Since I’m sure we all have at least one of these accounts, here are some tips for creating the perfect profile.

Have two separate pages: On Facebook, I have friends who have a personal page where they use their first name and middle name and a professional page. So for example, I would put “Melissa Emma” or “Melissa Em” for my personal page, and for my professional page, I would use Melissa Liwag. It also helps to use picture where they can clearly see your face. Also, keep the alcoholic drinks or party scenes out. Save that for your personal page, or just get rid of them all together.

Remove the clutter: When using your professional Facebook page it is a good idea to choose apps wisely. Choose apps you’re interested in, but keep the Farmville and misc. posts for your personal page. It spams up your page which can hide the more qualifying skills you really have.

Use a professional Twitter name: On Twitter, you are judged by your username since you don’t necessarily have to use your full name, like on Facebook. I suggest using your full name, as long as you don’t tweet inappropriate things, but also, your username shouldn’t be inappropriate. There was this one username I saw the other day that said “@Barcardi_Girl_25.” That’s probably not going to make someone want to hire you. Using your full name will also make it easier for an employer to find you through a simple Google search. Also, tweet about what you do. If you write, tweet about it. If your followers know you’re a writer, they can probably refer you to someone else. It’s all about networking.

Keep old and new connections: Like I said about, it is all about networking. You never know — that old roommate from college or your old co-worker could open more doors for you. The more connections you have, the more doors you open for yourself.

Be truthful: This is for any page, but I’m focusing more in LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you put your resume which has a list of qualifying skills. I’m all for versatility, but don’t write “graphic designer” on your list of skills if you took that one intro class in college. Some employers might be really interested in that one skill and you don’t want to be called out if it’s not true.

Proofread and update: Before you even get to meet your potential employer, you are judged based off of your profile. It will leave a good impression if everything is spelled correctly and grammatically correct. You don’t want to miss out on a stupid spelling mistake, right? Also, keep updating what you’re currently doing. This way, you will gain more profile views and it’ll keep it more interesting.

Keep it clean and professional: With social media becoming more popular (which is good), it also creates problems. This year, there have been a lot of people, even in the media, getting fired and put under suspension for what they Tweet or post online (Roland Martin, Tracy Morgan). Everyone is entitled to their own freedom of speech, but in the professional world, sometimes that could cost you a job. Like I said above, if you need to vent or want to post your opinion, put it on your personal site and more importantly, keep it private so only your friends can see them.

What are your tips for creating the “perfect” profile?