Ever since the movie hit theaters on March 23rd, “The Hunger Games” is all anyone can talk about.  Most conversation surrounds how the movie compares to the book.  Some topics critique the actors and determine how well they portrayed their characters.  One aspect that I think isn’t getting enough attention?  The fashion in The Capitol.

I get it, we’re supposed to hate the evil people from The Capitol for forcing children like Katniss, Peeta, and Rue into an arena to fight each other til death.  But it’s hard to hate the group that’s so colorful and over-the-top when it comes to fashion.

We all already know that neons and bright colors are in for spring.  Draw some inspiration from Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman and go funky and eccentric.  Here are some fun, colorful pieces – all under $50!

 Forever 21

Retro Bell Tunic, Zipper Front Color Block Dress, Dotted Peter Pan Top, Plisse Button Up


ASOS Tunic, Vila Top in Sorbet StripesASOS Zig Zag Shorts, ASOS Pussybow Short Sleeve Blouse

Charlotte Russe

Watercolor Rainbow Cotton Skirt, Sheer Watercolor Top, Floral Corkscrew Ruffle Skirt, Mesh-Sleeve Print Bodysuit

We may not all have a Cinna to dress us, but we can all dress colorfully!

Have you seen The Hunger Games?  What did you think of their style?