As well all (should) know, London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012-13 took place from February 17-22. The collections were breathtaking, of course, but so is the street style and the celebrity style! Here are some of my favorites so far.

Alexa Chung at Topshop

Is Alexa Chung ever not perfect? She is the picture of effortless chic here. I’m loving the blouse tucked into the perfectly tailored jeans with the (stunning) peacoat draped over her shoulders. The red purse is the perfect pop of color. This is why I love Alexa Chung — she’s able to be a fashion icon and be totally accessible at the same time. Love!

Gemma Arterton at ISSA

 For those of you who don’t know, Gemma Arterton is an English actress who’s been in films such as Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. And for those of you who have eyes you can see that she looks absolutely marvelous here! This cream and black lace dress not only fits her perfectly, but it’s the perfect mix of casual and fancy. The above-the-knee hemlines and short sleeves make it casual but, of course, the lace in itself is a fancier look. I think she looks great! And very pretty facially, too.

Kate Moss at the Stella McCartney Special Presentation

Do I really need to comment on this? I mean, come on, it’s Kate. Freaking. Moss. Does she ever not look like a fashion lovers fantasy come to life? Okay let’s begin with her makeup. It is gorgeous! Moving right along to that dress… amazing! Slightly daring while still being the picture of elegance and class and, of course, of style. It’s just a great ensemble, all in all.

Lana Del Ray at Mulberry

Lana Del Ray, pictured here holding the new Mulberry bag named for her (the “Del Ray”) looks simply adorable. I’m loving seeing her smile after staring at her sullen looking album cover for too long. She has such a cute face! While she’s not wearing haute couture or some high-end looking design, she’s clearly taking a note from Ms. Chung here and going for relaxed chic. I’m a sucker for a well tailored jean with flats and this refined looking Letterman jacket over a crisp white blouse just looks totally chic and totally cute. Fashionable, stylish, accessible. By the way, for you coveters out there, the Mulberry Del Ray is believed to cost $1,000 and will be available in May. Start saving now, ladies!

Michelle Williams at Mulberry

Michelle Williams, who attended the Mulberry show alongside the likes of Lana Del Ray and Lizzie Olsen, is wearing the perfect mix of dressed up cute and casual. Of course we all can see that she’s beautiful, but she’s clearly following what seems to be a trend of London Fashion Week — accessible, cute, effortless chic. All she’s done here is found a quirky but pretty dress and layered a gorgeous coat on top, paired with some to-die-for studded pumps. So simple and so fashionable at the same time. Absolutely love it.

Nicola Roberts at Topshop

Nicola Roberts, for those of you who don’t know, is a British recording artist and entrepreneur. Don’t worry, I didn’t know who she was either. Now this look is definitely everyone’s cup of tea. I like the idea of the dress, the drop waist, the black bow, all of that. But the fit is just terrible! She really should have worn something more fitted, and if not fitted, then at least tailored. The fact is, if the body weren’t tailored at all, that might have been okay if the sleeves were at least tailored a little. Fitted sleeves can make a huge difference in the look of a dress. Her shoes are not working to help the dress at all, but overall, she doesn’t look terrible, I suppose. Oh, and she really needs to get her hair colored before sitting front row at Mulberry.

Olivia Palermo

Just to clarify, Olivia Palermo is listed as a “socialite, model, and actress.” Okay, again, to clarify, I love Ms. Palermo as much as the next fashion obsessed girl, but she is mainly a socialite and reality star. Actress? No. But that’s okay when you dress like she does. Now, Olivia has had many, many outstanding looks thus far in London, but I think this one showcases her style perfectly. Trendy, classy and chic with a touch of high fashion. I love a woman who can incorporate mainstream trends into high fashion and not look like she’s trying too hard. The printed, perfectly tailored pants are gorgeous and I love the unexpected pop of yellow in her blouse. The neutral bag and black blazer tone down the look a little and the fur on the blazer takes this look from plain ol’ fabulous to downright fierce. The cheetah print heels are a little much for me; it kind of makes this look a little too busy. Again, this look may not be your cup of tea, especially the furry blazer, but I happen to adore anything this woman wears. And hey, it’s cold in London! Right? Either way, fur is in!

Poppy Delevigne at Topshop

Model Poppy Delevigne looked absolutely divine at the Topshop show! Those pants are insanely cute. Again, perfectly tailored! Love the length, love the fit, love the print! The shoes are adorable as well and her choice of a satin top and ruffle blazer in the same color as the polka dots on her pants is totally chic. This kind of reminds me of something Alexa Chung would wear. She may have just out-Chunged Alexa.

          Pixie Geldof at Topshop (left) and at Jonathan Saunders (right)

Pixie Geldof, British model and socialite, is seen here wearing a military, utilitarian looking (and duty length) dress at Topshop and a beautiful cream and white dress at the Jonathan Saunders sunset show. I have to say I do like the Topshop look however, once again, I just wish it had been more closely fitted to her body. I’m not crazy about those necklaces, but I love the color scheme with the pop of pink of her totally awesome shoes. Clearly, Pixie thinks her shoes are awesome, too, because she’s wearing them again at Jonathan Saunders. I love, love, love the dress she wore there! The shoes are adorable and the dress itself is simply pretty, well fitted, and girly but cool.

Rihanna Exiting her London Hotel (left) and at Stella McCartney (right)

Am I even looking at the same person in these pictures? It’s like they’re both Rihanna, but at such different points in her career. I’ve been noticing this a lot recently, actually. Did anyone happen to see that black sheer bodysuit she was wearing the other day? The dress she wore to Stella McCartney reminds me a lot of her Grammy’s dress, which is completely amazing because she looks insanely sexy and chic. Look, it’s Fashion Week and London is known for it’s crazy and daring fashion, but would her leg-bearing look have been better if the jacket weren’t so big? To be honest, while it does have a small cool factor, she basically looks like a hooker and/or stripper, while at Stella McCartney, she looks like a fierce bombshell! I cannot explain how much I love the Stella McCartney look! As for the other, I’m just wondering how much she charges by the hour.