Nails are a girl’s best accessory! From classic french manicures to glam glitter to crazy patterns, there are thousands of different ways girls can paint their nails and there are thousands of different shades of nail polish to choose from! Looking for a new shade of nail polish to add to your collection? Try making it! Making your very own nail polish is easy, fun and fast.

What You Need:

  1. Old eye shadow (any color)
  2. 1 bottle of clear nail polish
  3. 1 small plastic bag
  4. A piece of paper
  5. A spoon
  6. A drop of water (optional)


  1. Take your old eye shadow and pour it in the plastic bag. Bash the eye shadow with the back of your spoon until the shadow is powdery.
  2. Take your piece of paper and curl it into a cone shape so you can filter the crushed eye shadow into the nail polish bottle without spilling any.
  3. Screw the lid back onto your nail polish and shake well so the crushed eye shadow powder and clear nail polish mix.
  4. Add a droplet of water if the nail polish and eye shadow powder to not mix well.
  5. Leave for 2-3 minuets and you’re ready to give yourself a manicure!

What eye shadow would you love to make into a gorgeous nail polish?