Meet America’s newest sweetheart — Jennifer Lawrence.  Last year, at just 20 years old, Jennifer was nominated for an Oscar.  After she starred in the drama “Winter’s Bone,” she gained the respect of the acting industry.  This year, at just 21 years old, she is about to become one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars after being cast as heroine Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

Jen is on two major magazine covers for the month of April and is sure to be featured on many more in the future.  Let’s get to know this cover girl, shall we?

Basic info:  Jennifer is 21 years old and hails from Louisville, Kentucky.  She has two older brothers and grew up playing field hockey, softball, and cheerleading.  Basically, she is the typical all-American girl.

She almost didn’t take the role as Katniss:  Like most readers, Jennifer thought that Hollywood movies typically ruined the stories told in popular novels.  When she heard that a Hunger Games movie was in the works, she was apprehensive because she assumed it wouldn’t measure up to the book.  After meeting with the director of the movie, Jen felt more confident in the role but still needed time to think it over.  She gave herself three days to decide whether or not she was prepared to sign on to the movie, knowing that it would change her life.

She is slowly getting used to fame:  While it may seem minor, Jennifer says that one perk of fame that she’s been exploring is the ability to eat from the hotel minibar.  Previously she would’ve denied this small luxury but these days, she is enjoying the overpriced drinks and candy bars.

Citing Kristen Stewart’s soar to fame after the “Twilight” mania, Jennifer says she’d never want to be that famous.  While it doesn’t seem to be something that she can stop now, it’s nice to hear her say that she plans on remaining grounded.  She understands that being a famous actress is a great profession and doesn’t like when actors complain about the lifestyle.

She’s all about being healthy:  One thing that Jen has been talking about in all of her interviews lately is leading a healthy lifestyle.  She says that she doesn’t diet and doesn’t love exercising; even though she does partake in the latter to maintain her health.  She thinks it’s important for girls to feel good about themselves and doesn’t support the image of super skinny starlets.

Overall, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a healthy, humble girl like Jennifer achieving fame and fortune.  Here’s to hoping that she sets a new trend for future Hollywood stars.

Do you plan on seeing “The Hunger Games” when it hits theaters on March 23?