The word “spring” can easily bring a smile to a person’s face because after those cold, snowy and miserable days, who wouldn’t be excited for a little sunshine? Many people are more than excited to see the first flowers bloom, but all the fashionistas can’t wait to take a look at this spring’s fashion.

I was grocery shopping when I saw InStyle’s cover with Jennifer Aniston and I just had to have it. The March issue has 552 pages of juicy fashion and everything beauty! My opinion on trends is not to follow them, but use them and make it my own, because how boring would our world be if we all wore the same outfit? There are so many unimaginable spring trends out there that might make you go crazy. I will just point out the ones that I’m going to try and hopefully you can incorporate them into your spring/summer wardrobe as well.

Color-Blocking: I saw this trend in swimsuits, dresses and skirts. Bold colors can bring out your inner glam — just stick to three colors to avoid looking like a clown.

Bold Prints: There are numerous prints, but you need to be a wise fashionista and choose which ones work for you. Some of my favorites are florals, mirror-like geometric shapes and stripes.

Pastel Shades: I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere — in pants, dresses, shorts, shirts, etc. Pastel colors give off a romantic lady-like vibe that works for anyone.

Metallics: We can’t forget about metallics! I love this shiny trend because sometimes a girl can get tired of glitter, and metallic fabric is a good substitute if you need to have a moment to steal the spotlight. I would recommend skirts and heels.

The Peplum Trend: This trend is very cute and gives you amazing shape. Defined by a short, flared ruffle that sits at the waist is a plus for me. This trend works in skirts, shirts and dresses.

All of these trends are just trends, so I want you to own them and make them your own by accessorizing them and wearing them with 100% confidence. Remember — spring brings out the feeling of liberation and you should reflect that feeling through your clothing.

Which trend are you dying to try?