I have always tried to do fun things with my hair! My natural color is very, very dark brown and since junior year of high school, I’ve dyed it strawberry blonde (gradually), then chestnut brown, then black, cut 12 inches off, grew it out, colored it bright red, cut another 10 inches off, and then in November, back to brown. I love experimenting with new looks! My favorite, up until a few days ago, will always be my Little Mermaid inspired look from last summer:

So when I made a hair appointment a few days ago with my favorite stylist Stephanie, I didn’t really know what to do. I’ve wanted to go lighter for a while now, but I know with my dark roots, the upkeep would be ridiculous. After a few texts back and forth, it was decided I would try the new trend that somehow anyone could pull off — the Ombré.

Since I colored my hair bright red last June, the red was still very much present in the brown when we colored it in November. So the goal was to fix what red was leftover and add in honey brown and blonde to my hair, therefore creating an ombré effect.

The Before Photo:

My stylist is a genius, she really is, and I trusted her completely every step of the way. (She also happens to be the sister of my best friend Teddy!) But I was super anxious up until she dried it and I was able to see the results.

The During Photo:

 The After Photo:

I LOVE IT. I can’t recommend ombré enough. My hair is a bit more subtle than I’m used to (again, reference the red photo), but I like that the color compliments my skintone and that the roots are so low-maintenance. We left the bangs out, but I’m thinking if I go back for a touch-up, I’ll try the bangs just for fun.

So this spring, try something new with your hair. Go bold, Ariel-inspired hair like mine from last year, or try an ombré effect. Getting your hair done and looking beautiful just in time for this gorgeous weather will definitely cure your winter blahs… and it will go with my Spring into Spring: Part IV! What is it, you may ask? You’ll just have to wait until next week to find out!