I’m a nail polish junky.  I have a whole shoebox full, and this is even after cleaning some out.  I paint my nails every week and as cheesy as it sounds, looking at a pretty color on my nails can really make my day brighter sometimes.

I wasn’t always this nail polish crazy, and a lot of my friends still aren’t as crazy about it.  I always let them go through my polish box and choose a color to paint their nails whenever they wish, but I’ve noticed that eventually, they all seem to catch a little bit of the nail painting bug and start buying a few of their own colors.  And I’ve discovered through my own use, that really, even though I own a yellow and a weird green/black shimmer, there are some staple colors that get used over and over and over.

If I had to slim down my nail polish collection and trash all polishes except for a few, this is what I would save.

The perfect red:  Red is classic, timeless, and there are so many shades to choose from.  Whether you want something bright like a fire red, or something more subdued like a brick red, you’re sure to find one.

The chic, ballerina pink:  A light pink is best for all nail polish beginners.  It’s a color that can be worn with everything, and if you’re apprehensive about wearing polish, go for a shade that’s light enough to just look like a simple gloss on your nails.  A light pink is also great as a base if you ever get brave enough to venture out and do your own French manicure.

A pastel: Pastels shouldn’t be saved for Easter eggs.  I find that no matter what a girl’s personality is, she’s usually attracted to at least one type of pastel color.  I also find that whenever I wear a pastel, I seem to get the most compliments on my polish.

An almost black:  I love a black nail polish.  It’s simple, but still makes a statement.  Some girls stray from the black, as they think it’s too dark and bold.  If solid black is too much for you, go for something a little more off beat!  There are some gorgeous dark-hued colors out there that are perfect for the fall and winter months.

A funky top coat:  Nail design has really taken off over the past year and the ability to change the look of your polish has gotten super simple.  Using a top coat is definitely the easiest way to dress up your manicure.

So there you have it!  Five nail polishes that every girl should own.  Don’t blame me if you start getting addicted and filling up your own shoebox with tons of nail polish options.

What’s one type of polish that you can’t get enough of?