With spring in the air and the temperatures getting warmer every day, I’m tempted to run out and purchase new clothes to expand my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to do this and I know that most 20-something-year-old fashionistas don’t either.  Because of this, I’ve realized that it’s important to invest in just a few key pieces that can work with items that I already have in my closet.  One trend that’s worth the money this season?  The jean vest.

Overall, denim has recently re-established itself in the fashion industry again.  Sure, everyone has always understood the importance of a fabulous pair of jeans but for a while, other denim pieces fell to the wayside.  However in the fall, we saw a re-emergence of jean jackets and jean shirts.  And with the season changing, it’s only natural that we shorten up the denim and make it a jean vest.  Here are 3 ways to rock this trend:

With a maxi dress or with a floral dress:

Jessica Alba uses a jean vest to compliment her dress, which just happens to feature two details that fit perfectly with it.  The dress is a long length so the jean vest does a great job of accessorizing and breaking up the long, continuous dress.  Also, sweet floral prints can juxtapose the edgy feel of the jean vest.

With a plaid shirt and shorts:

For the casual girl, a jean vest works great over a plaid shirt and with a simple pair of shorts.  Add some fun jewelry like a long necklace or bangles to prevent the outfit from looking too campy.

With a little black dress and heels:

Every girl owns a little black dress and pairing it with a denim vest is perfect for the working girl.  Meeting friends for drinks after work?  Tone down your sophisticated look and throw on a jean vest.  You’ll look classy, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time.

What’s one trendy piece that you’re splurging on this season?