It’s close to the end of the semester (finally!) and it’s time for internship and job interviews to begin. Being in college, you may not have had previous interviewing experience. It can be nerve-wracking, but here are a few tips that are¬†guaranteed¬†you will rock your interview, and hopefully get the job!

Research the company: When applying for jobs, it can be easy to confuse one company and another. When you get an interview, make sure to research the company and get to know their work, what they do, etc. You want to walk in knowing what kinds of questions to ask and let them know specifically what you like about their company.

Dress to impress: There’s nothing like walking into an interview and feeling like you’re underdressed. To make a great first impression, wear an outfit that’s professional, but also shows who you are. A black blazer, black skirt combination with a nice top is simple enough for the interview. You want the interview to be about you, not your outfit. For hair, it’s simplest when it is out of your face, so a sleek ponytail would do the trick.

Refer to your experiences, skills and passions: Let the interviewer know how your previous work or volunteer experiences qualify you for that job. If you’re passionate about something like writing, explain what you love about it and how it could benefit you in that position.

Bring a copy of your resume/portfolio: You can not rely on the interviewer to print a copy of your resume, so always bring extra copies along just in case. Samples of previous work can be showcased in your portfolio and bring it along if needed.

Ask questions: Interviewers always ask “Do you have any questions for me?,” so make sure you are prepared ahead of time.

Great questions to ask can be:

— “How many people work in this office?”
— “What is the work environment like?”
— “Can you tell me more about the position I’m applying for?”.

And last but not least, be yourself! Be confident going into the interview and everything will fall into place. Good luck!