Hello ladies! I’m back again for my roundup. I’ve tried a lot of new products that I think you’re going to love!

Elf’s Conditioning Lip Balm – I’ve mentioned Elf products in my previous posts and like I said, this makeup line is underrated. Just some brief information: a lot of the products range from $1 to $5. Personally, I like the Studio Line products, which have the black base on their brushes, lids, cases, etc. A lot of their items are sold at Target which is extremely convenient because you can see what they look like before you buy them and you don’t have to pay shipping. However, Elf always has sales whether it is 50% off or free shipping, so you win either way.

Anyway, this lip balm is actually pretty good! I ordered the color “Peaceful Pink.” It is a very pretty color with a light pink tint which is great for lighter skin tones. It has a color of a lipstick but a shine like lip gloss. It really does condition my lips. Since we are just getting over the cold weather, my lips are pretty bad, but once I put this on it hydrates them in no time. This product is only $3 which is a steal. It also comes in a cute case with a twist-off cap. Also, these balms contain SPF 15 which is perfect for the sunny weather we’re having!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – I’ve read a lot about these and I was skeptical to try them at first. I got the color in “Rose Petal” (first compact). Like I said, since I have very pale skin, this was pigmented after a couple swipes, but I’m not sure how it would fair with darker skin tones. It was somewhat difficult, but I think the easiest way to apply is with fingers. Since it is a cream formula, you have to blend it in quickly after applying or else it leaves streaks. The formula introduces a new “bouncy” formula where you can actually poke the blush and it pops back up, which I found interesting. However, I don’t think I would repurchase these just because I like powder blushes a lot more for the convenience and how easy it is to apply. ($8)




Maybelline Baby Lips vs. EOS – I’ve been using EOS lip balm for a while but I always find that I have to continually apply it. It also doesn’t help in the long run for me, because I feel like it only moisturizes my lips for the time being but once the balm is absorbed, my lips get dry shortly after. So, I decided to try Baby Lips because I’ve heard a lot about it. I got “Quench,” which is a transparent color because I’ve never experienced tinted lip balm before. This was a pretty good lip balm but it was a little stickier than the EOS one. I guess it is because Baby Lips are supposed to last 8 hours and it also has 20 SPF. I also like the fact that there are more shades to choose from. However, with EOS, the scent is so much better and I love the packaging a lot more. I like the unique sphere shape of the EOS lip balm and the Baby Lips packaging looks like it’s more for kids. As for the quality of the lip balm, Maybelline wins this one. Hopefully with the warm weather, EOS will win me over!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – I have really been into glitter nail polish, but they are so difficult to get a good coverage and even more difficult to take off! I found these nail strips at Target one night and decided to try the gold glitter strips. There are 16 strips and you choose a strip that fits your nail best. After peeling off the clear adhesive, you apply it to your nail and smooth it out. It also comes with a nail file so you can file the remaining strip off once you apply it to your nail. It’s difficult to use at first, but after I got used to it, I really liked it. It saves a lot of time and there’s no drying time either. I actually spoke to a person that worked at Sally Hansen and she gave me some tips. Use the strips right when you buy them; they can actually dry out and become unusable! Also, the strips stay on longer if you apply clear nail polish over it. The strips stayed on for a little over a week, which was great. Sally Hansen always comes out with new nail strip designs and even ones for holidays. If you aren’t into designs, they have solid colors as well. ($8)

What’s next? I can’t wait to try the new Essie colors for the Spring — particularly “To Buy or Not to Buy,” which is a beautiful lilac color, and EOS in Medicated Tangerine.

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What are your beauty favorites?