Recently I have grown a rather large ob.session. with the music festival, Coachella. And when I say ob.session., I mean a full-blown “I have got to go and wear all the fringe, lace and flowers in my hair I can find.” Music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo are all about the outfits. I mean think about it — when else can you channel your inner hippie chick and not get strange looks like you stepped straight out the ’60s. The flower power, peace sign days are in full effect at these festivals and I can’t wait to get into that time machine. After adding Coachella to my bucket list, the next thing I did was start planning my outfits for the weekend-long extravaganza. And what better way to do this than to create a list, because who doesn’t love a good list?

1. Fringe vest. Preferably with some kind of crochet something or another to add to the hippie-dippie-trippie look.

2. High-waisted denim shorts. With studs, or pattern pockets. Chic.

3. Ankle booties. So your feet don’t get gross, of course.

4. Flowers. In your hair, on your really cute oversized tank, on your headband. I don’t care how, but add some floral magic.

5.Tye-dye anything. This can be incorporated through a bright neon-colored tank top or an ombre mullet skirt. Bonus points if you DIY it.

Let us know what y’all wore to these awesome music festivals so I can live vicariously while turning a envious green.