Although there are only three months of spring, the weather can be downright unpredictable.  One day it’s 75 degrees, the next you’re pulling out your heavy winter sweaters!  Chilly mornings and afternoon showers are all too common during this time of year.  The perfect solution – a springtime jacket!

As a rule of thumb? Every girl needs to invest in at least three types of jackets:

–  One that’s classic and wearable on a daily basis

–  One that’s statement-worthy and unique to your personal style (to be worn every now and then)

–  One that’s more formal and, therefore, reserved for special occasions

That being said, it definitely helps to have multiple jackets to fit your style and mood.  Check out the following options so you’ll be prepared for every weather (and style) situation!


Essential Longline Utility Jacket – $24.80 (Forever 21)

A no-nonsense, everyday waterproof jacket is exactly what you need to combat the sometimes sunny, sometimes dreary days of spring.  Whether it’s a little chilly in the morning or you know that rain will inevitably show up by the afternoon, this gorgeous olive jacket from Forever 21 has got you covered! (Literally!)


Rain-Dotted Anorak – $168 (Anthropologie)

It’s pouring rain outside and you have all of your rainy day essentials.   You’ve rounded up your Hunter rain boots (in none other than Hunter green), a cutesy umbrella (let’s say black and white stripes with a pink trim) and you’re almost ready to head out the door.  But wait — you forgot something!  No rainy day is conquerable without your handy-dandy and oh-so-perfectly designated rain-dotted anorak.


Trudy Peacoat – $99 (J.Crew)

I know I’m not the only one who girlishly squealed upon first seeing J.Crew’s rubber-ducky yellow twill pea coat!  Let’s just say it was love at first sight.  Sometimes you gravitate toward a jacket for its classic design, unsurpassable quality and attention to detail.  Other times it’s all about the color.  Sure to brighten any gloomy day (and turn your frown upside down!), J.Crew’s top-notch pea coat will leave you looking impeccably dressed and feeling slightly whimsical!


BB Dakota Cadence Striped Jacket – $90 (BB Dakota)

Whenever I see stripes, I see a wardrobe full of ensembles!  With stripes being the new neutral, this sophisticated jacket provides you with ample opportunity to mix and match prints.  The dark khaki and ivory stripes just seem to go with everything!


Floral Denim Shrunken Blazer – $128 (Free People)

In addition to the must-have black, white, pastel and striped blazer, it’s now necessary to add floral to your list.  Known for their free-spirited and bohemian designs, Free People doesn’t disappoint with their denim shrunken blazer.  Serving as the perfect complement to your spring pastels, pair it with a vintage-inspired lace dress, cool polka dot romper or pastel denim for maximum perfection.


Sparkle & Fade Drapey Striped Blazer – $69.99 (Urban Outfitters)

Taking you from spring to summer, day to night, this crisp white blazer with skinny vertical black stripes is ultra conventional.   To create a casual day-appropriate look, wear this blazer with a lightweight, flouncy skirt and gladiator sandals.  For a fun night out on the town, opt for a little black dress and sky-high pumps.  Whether your style is super preppy, a little bit grunge or simply effortless, here’s a blazer that never gets old!


Talula Exter Blazer – $125 (Aritzia)

Maybe it’s presentation day or maybe you just want to look extra sharp.  Whatever the occasion, here’s a school boy blazer that won’t let you down!  While some blazers are too masculine for a 20-something fashionista, this one’s as girly as it gets!  With a slim fit and cuffed sleeves, this blazer would look superb when paired with a silk blouse and skinny leg jeans.


Wales Blazer – $85 (Artsy Closet)

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to ditch your black blazer (just temporarily – don’t worry!) then here it is!  This stunning green blazer, complete with a tapered waist and low cross-over lapel, is just what you need to finalize your transition into spring.  Not to mention its modern silhouette, pretty pastel hue and artsy/sophisticated flair!


Double-Breasted Trench – $59.99 (American Eagle)

Although styles come and go, you can never go wrong with the always reliable trench coat.  It’s so timeless, chic and sophisticated that once you’ve invested in one, you’re covered for seasons to come!  Wear it on a rainy day or even when it’s sunny!


Cotton Twill Jacket – $178 (Juicy Couture)

Okay, admit it.  Since day one of spring, you’ve been eyeing a certain pink cropped jacket (it may or may not be this one by Juicy!).  If you’re still yearning for it, then here’s my advice:  buy it!  In a lovely shade of pinkish-orange, this cotton twill jacket by Juicy Couture is sweet, feminine and the epitome of girly-chic.

Whatever the weather is, rest assured that you have a jacket to fit your needs and keep you looking effortlessly chic!