Whether it’s used for completing your final paper or for brainstorming for tomorrow’s meeting, your workspace can affect your productivity. With some simple steps, you can transform your workspace from a place that’s dreaded to a place where you can create something that you are proud of.

Clean it off, ladies: This may seem so simple and obvious, but it’s an easy one to lose track of. All you have to do leave your stapler out and the next thing you know there is no space to even work. Make sure to pick up your workspace every time that you complete your tasks. This way you can avoid the large messes that take hours to fix. Try to find easy organizers for inside your drawers or on top of your table space to make things easy to find and easy to clean up.

What inspires you?: Find pieces that make you feel inspired and decorate your workspace with them. These do not have to directly apply to the work that is being produced in the space, but just something that makes you happy. Being surrounded by things that make you happy can spark new thoughts and create an appealing atmosphere to work in. This can be done cheaply by just creating a collage from a magazine or things that are already around your house.

Let’s get comfortable: If you aren’t comfortable, you aren’t going to want to spend much time in a place. Make sure to find a chair that does not cause pain after a prolonged period of use. This might be one of those times when it’s best to invest. The chair can be something that you are able to keep for years to come. Go to an office store and try out the chairs they have on display until you find one that you wouldn’t mind pulling an all-nighter in.

With these tips at your side you should be able to transform your workspace into a place that changes the way that you work. Welcome to the world of productivity!