Most are familiar with the “Five Product Challenge,” but if not, let me lay it out. The object of this challenge is to create a look with only 5 products — it’s as simple and easy as that. These are my 5 products from drugstores and beyond that have done me well.

1. Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup: I live in the desert of West Texas where the heat and sun can destroy your makeup and was in need of something that would stay with me all day. Previously, I had tried many different foundations and didn’t stick to one because I found other brands to be too greasy and heavy for all day use. This Chanel product was the complete and utter opposite. Not only did the makeup stay with me through work and school, but through the evening as well. The liquid makeup has a powdery finish and SPF 15, and a few drops really can go a long way.

This product goes on smooth and creates a really natural finish, which all women should be interested in seeing as how “cake face” is wayyy too 1985. Chanel “Vitalumiere Aqua” retails for around $50, but is very much worth the price.

Quick Tip: I recommend applying any foundation by Chanel or any other brand with a foundation brush. This will not only help you use less makeup and even out the application, but also minimize the spread of bacteria since you’re not using your fingertips.

2. FIT ME Blush by Maybelline New York: Next, is a drugstore blush that I decided to try for two reasons: 1. because I was broke, and 2. because Kandee Johnson recommended it to her subscribers on her YouTube channel. So, without further adieu, I give you “FIT ME” blush by Maybelline New York. I bought this blush at Target for around five dollars and the results were amazing. It stayed all day and created a great glow on my cheeks that people noticed and complimented me on all day.

The line offers twelve different shades that range from light pink to deep nude. Personally, I tried the light nude and light mauve because of my fair complexion. The small brush that comes with the blush is fairly good and did a great job contouring my cheek bones.  Just like the Chanel foundation, this blush is very lightweight and blends easily.

3. Lorac’s Take A Brow Kit: My favorite part of the “less is more” makeup routine has to be filling in my brows. (I’ll take a Brooke Shields eyebrow circa 1981 any day!) This brow kit is simple and to the point. It comes with two shades, brown and black, and a small angled brush that fits nicely inside the packaging. I can wear my Lorac brows all day (rain, sweat, or shine) and I’m confident that they haven’t moved a smidge. The Lorac Brow Kit retails for around $22 at Sephora.

4. Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara: This is another great product that also retails for about five dollars at drugstores.  The “Colossal Volum’ Express” mascara has a big full brush that pays careful attention to even the tiniest of lashes.  Since I usually don’t wear eyeliner or eye shadow, I tend to apply multiple layers of mascara. This particular formula doesn’t clump or dry my lashes. It also doesn’t make them feel heavy or droop towards the end of the day and stays just the perfect amount of tacky in between reapplying coats.

5. Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick in Backstage Bambi: This high octane pink makes a statement and will get you noticed from across the room. Now, Kat Von D is my go-to gal when it comes to lipsticks. They are very highly pigmented and don’t feel waxy and slip around as you talk to people or sip your coffee throughout the day. There are fourteen different shades in the “Painted Love” collection that range from A-GO-GO, a bright orange, to Adora, a shimmering candy apple red. The only thing more fun than the names and the packaging is the fact that none of her shades will make your lips feel dry by the end of the day. These lipstick retail for $19 dollars at Sephora.

 What products would be in your “Five Product Challenge”?